State of The Republic

State of the UnionThe leader of the free world comes on TeeVee for the State of the Union in what to many is the Super Bowl of American political theater.   The State of the Union address comes on to interrupt Bones, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Criminal Minds, NCIS , Monk, The Mentalist, The Closer, The Shield, Without a Trace, Cold Case leaving millions of viewers up in the air not knowing which piece of semen-covered evidence will close the case.  To replace all this forensics, we will have our president describe the greatest mystery of them all – the myth of our economic growth and individual well-being at a time when our state appears to be transitioning not from industrial age to information age, but  — like the forensic shows that can pull up photographs of you drinking a Slushy on the corner or crossing a toll barrier without a search warrant moments after you have left your desk and then cuff you as you walk your dog — transitioning from Brave New World to 1984.

As the Weimar Republic culture had a population enthralled with the lustmorder, we are a nation obsessed with free market competition in “reality shows” where the old fascist Social Darwinism come to life manipulated by agents, writers, and money managers behind the curtains as we are caught up in forensic semen-dripping evidence and the fantasy that a seamless tracking of our behaviors and actions, activities and thoughts on and off-line will ensure justice, in the event we drop a load of spoodge in the process of a crime and that this total information and lack of judicial oversight is good for society and our democracy.

As our nation became obsessed by Satin-worshiping day-care center staff in the 1980s, today’s lust threats  to our children are from an army of highly organized pedos and terrorists and pedo-terrorists who apparently benefit from Net Neutrality, Unionised Labor, National… I mean Universal Healthcare… Gun Control, and a lack of pee-cams installed in public lavatories monitored by the state.  And this threat, like the Satin-worshiping daycare staff, may be a fantasy.  Our TeeVee crime shows continue an agenda of propaganda for total information control as we are taught every week that we must maintain a database of every action, every security camera so we can go from semen-dripping Teddy Bear to conviction in a broadcast hour (currently 42 minutes).  Perhaps these programs are funded by security camera companies as well as the Department of Homeland Security, a burgeoning governmental agency that grows every month in secret as Demopublican congress members and senators hop up and down in front of CSPAN cameras touting budget deficit reduction and… while we’re at it, passing the Job Killing Health Care Bill Repeal/Social Security Killing/ Pay To Play bills in a fake attempt to balance the books and pad their wallets.  Silently, the Patriot Act renews like some shady subscription we accidentally forgot to cancel and now it appears on our national credit card statements as “professional services.”  The halls of government are stacked with obvious corportists no longer pretending to build a reputation of public service.  Our national anthem sounds more like Deutschlandlied each passing day as lobbyists pay for dinner engagements and events in Washington D.C. to grab the ear of “our elected officials” and reins of the law of the land.

FlagMeanwhile, we lack so much evidence in real life about what is really happening.  We don’t know why The Iraq was invaded. We don’t know why laws broken by Bush II did not result in jail time.  We don’t know what is holding our economy together.  We lack this evidence, we are told by our MSM even when Wikileaks busts a whole wad onto our national cocktail dress.  We cannot know how X is connected to Y – even though all the evidence seems in place.  We don’t know.  There is not enough proof.  No one is going to be convicted even though we know they did the crime.  We know.  But we are told we don’t really know since…. uh… knowing things and solving crime only happens on Tee Vee.

So, our leader will climb the stairs taken by so many speakers before they bust a nutload of lies.  Flag pin in place.  This one will read a script written perhaps by an old Reagan writer, perhaps a Bush I or Bush II propagandist.  This one will “reach out to” the Demopublicans on the other side of the aisle and call for Demopublicans to sit together.  He will revisit the heroics of the past events as well as reviling the actions of a lone wolf sounding as if reading a script from SOVIET Union about wreckers and hooligans and a glorious People who have a long tradition of… making shit up and passing it off as real – like dotcoms, and housing, and debt….

Our leader occupies the place the former Speaker of The House.  She stood in the same spot when she said that the anti-war platform she and others ran on to get elected was suddenly “off the table” once she and others assumed office and received their checks from the military contractors.  Unlike the crime shows, we cannot know why she took it off the table.  We cannot know if the war was started on lies, she tells us.  To try to understand would be to look backwards…. and we wouldn’t want to do that because…. MSNBC’s motto is “lean forward.”  In the face of mounting evidence that the Bush II administration broke laws and re-wrote civic discourse, we won’t be told a thing.  The nice kid in office who talks pretty won’t mention the state of our republic as we see it in our daily lives.   Dead birds rain from the sky, Glocks are sold out, the banks rewrite the rules of ownership, fuel and food prices are creeping up, drones fly over Miami, and slowly we feel the motion sickness of personal uncertainty and financial instability.

sip sipPerhaps we’ll just switch off the old man and tune in to cable…. It’s a free market after all…. new regulations don’t include suspending the Cartoon Network for a stupid old man in a suit…. we can go to the internet… we may still catch the latest semen-dripping evidence in Bones, CSI Miami, CSI New York, Criminal Minds, NCIS , Monk, The Mentalist, The Closer, The Shield, Without a Trace, Cold Case or countless other programs…. As we TeVo through the advertisements perhaps we’ll hum lines from an old half-forgotten song:

Die Straße frei den braunen Batallionen.
Die Straße frei dem Sturmabteilungsmann!
Es schau’n aufs Hakenkreuz voll Hoffnung schon Millionen.
Der Tag für Freiheit und für Brot bricht an!

One thought on “State of The Republic

  1. That’s one semen-covered rant. As long as the Tee-Vee let’s them watch their Super Bowl everything will be ok. Hopefully some of the banned ads will be semen-dripping. That oughta keep people tweeting once they’ve forgotten about Egypt.

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