StEp 6

This is an older video shot a few years ago in PA.  I thought this footage was lost and the sound was bad, so I had to replace it.  Hence, a way more arty treatment to what is basically friends having fun with destruction.  This was an outgrowth of our hobby. Shooting stuff.  It started in our loft in Brooklyn, NY.  A room mate would go to Ti Chi every week and while he was gone a few of us would shoot up the space and cause a huge mess – trying to do this and clean up in the time-space continuum of a Ti Chi lesson in New Jersey.  Two loft friends returned to PA and this was a winter trip where we raided the Dollar Tree (or one of them) and shot a great amount of consumer goods.  The hobby continues to this day, however, many of us are finding out how higher power guns transform basic every day objects into fiery piles of shit splattering everywhere.

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