What is it about the college and university industry is there to love?  One thing to love is that it keeps a good many younger people all the way well into their thirties in an institution where they are paying into the system (loans lost work time) rather than contributing to the workforce (gaining income, building capital).  Unless you consider the workforce being any  number of crappy jobs (excluding construction/demolition/ cleaning/ housekeeping/ menial jobs worthy of crossing hundreds of miles of arid land avoiding all dangers human and animal risks for… nah, those go to the…).  College maintains a system of hoodwinkery unseen since the Catholic church was selling indulgences.  The system feeds those slobs into itself better than any old Jesuit system of school boy- novice – Jesuit factory keeping overeducated boobs (not in black robes but $27 jeans) working for a pittance (adjunct professor anyone – what the fuck is that anyway?) and an army of library  “>re-shelvers (undergraduate) and  bartenders, coffee serverpersons, and sundry other poke about jobs (graduate and doctorate) that make just enough money to buy expensive text books or subsidize the micro-brewers of the world –  as well as crappy apartment owners.  And let  us not forget the snaptogether furnishing industry and crappy lamp and Indian throw cloths used as curtains or to cover blank cement walls that land in the city dump transfer station in a matter of months (ever try to move or reassemble Ikea furnishings?).  Or the riot-proof campuses where half of the nation’s dry cement lives.

So, it works kinda’ like this here:  We make nothing in this country so we spend our tax dollars (public monies) on schools so that private companies can administer tests (private profit) sell text books to the public schools (private profit) administer narcotics medicine so that Tobby will remain seated for 12 years (private profit) and children can go to college (private profit – even if the college is a non-profit there are huge amounts of money to be made around the service) buy text books (huge private profit), pay loans (private profit) and then get tied into a system so every individual – whether or not they made a good career choice at 18 or 19 – can pay back these costs over over the course of 30 or 40 years, especially since the United States college students graduate with huge debts or don’t have debt (depending on who is funding the research) and that does not count the students who come to college ill prepared and never finish or “take longer.”  Those late bloomers and under-prepared, they get college loans and work in burger joints – when they can find a menial job not taken by a person who has risked their life to cross deserts and mountains blah blah wild animals blah blah border patrol blah blah Minute Men blah blah for the honor of hauling pizzas to some drunken frat boy.  “Yo dude, where’s the crazy bread?  You know, Breado el loco?”  

College/University is a modern day slavery and takes away power from real people teaching and learning on their own without the benediction of the university faculty or blessing of the church university.  We all heard out liberal arts professors bitch and some actually pee blood when they discuss religion and the church and how it was/is a boondoggle intended to control people and prevent science and women were this and that and the cat’s litter box was not cleaned and the dishes weren’t done….. and here they have replaced it with their own boondoggle.

Now how do you feel about signing up for your 103 class: The Economics of Transgendered Modified Hotwheels in an age of Post-Feminist Hyperlinked Identities? 

I walked over to 11th Street the other night.  I saw the old Roman Catholic Church that NYU “saved” the facade of.  The rest of the 1848 structure, and the old rectory that I passed last time I lived in the city where if I looked inside I caught some parts of a huge painting and a statue of Jesus and I wondered smelled like old leather and wood ?  Replaced with a dorm that looks like it was fabricated out of Yum! products.  Outside, amidst the many, many security cameras were a number of students eating crazy bread (see above) with their hoodies and skateboards.  These kids were nothing but consumer tubes.  Input —— excreta: full stop. Progress.  Fucking progress.

You mission for today: go forth and bless your own learning.  And don’t forget to pay your student loans.

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