Life Long Learning: No loyality

A reader of the NYT on a story about company take overs posted:

…if someone believes that they can “work at a company for the rest of their life,” they are delusional. Hone your skills and be mobile and agile. That’s the future for the American worker. I am on company #5 in 12 years. You deserve to lose your job as a result of ignorance.

Perhaps that commenter also moves cities every few years, losing connections to friends and family and spending money to restart a life, set up a kitchen or buy new sheets, gets divorced every once in a while because of all this mobility and agility makes long-term relationships difficult if not impossible.  However, we need to be competitive, accountable, and be fuck machines of life long learning constantly innovating our way out of being cheated, screwed, and being taken advantage of by a system designed to keep shopping at Walmart.

Perhaps we all deserve to be lonely, poor, dislocated people.  The only ignorance we have is why we have not Lifelonglearned to kill our upper management masters and hang the “ownership class” from lamp posts. 

Americapitalism does not invest to build as Capitalism did in factories and actual things that were needed.  Americapitalism has Lifelonglearned to cheat to win.

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