September Morn

This video was the leftover footage from a short film called “Our Life Without Bees” made as part of the Apple 24 hour film contest.  Our team lost, but we did manage to break and enter Pious X (with permission I mean), a reform school for boys that unsurprisingly was shuttered from a sex scandal and the ensuing financial trouble.  Except, that the sex involved sodomy charges against a female rather than the man on man action reform schools usually see.  The place had been raped of copper and aluminum since that was back when the price of commodities spikes (thanks to the housing bubble bursting) and opium prices plummeted (thanks to the war in Afghanistan) sending heroin addicts in to rip 16 shits out of the place for copper, tin, broken toilets.  It is a grand wreck that may be developed into a senior home, track homes, Entergy dumping ground, or naked pile of drunken townies experimenting with sex toys.

True, Schwerpunkters broken in and that is a crime for which we could be tried and in Heaven will be punished for, but no young boys were molested in the making of this film – even if they asked for it, dressed provocatively, or wanted to be molested since they got drunk and passed out face down dress up.

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