Isn’t This Where Kozol Wrote About? It Totally Is!

Now let me just say, I am not racist.  I like white people. Many of my friend are white.  They’re educated, articulate, and funny.  There may be many black inventors – like that dude who totally made peanut butter – but I’ve been told there have been some white inventors too (yikes about those google searches!).  Schwerpunkt is speaking from those observable things the Greeks believed in and not late 18th centrury Reason stuff.   This is not research mutha fucka, this is real life….

What is up with the invasion of white women people in the Bronx?  I mean, summer was here, nice weather, a great deal of Bronx architecture and art to see in the South Bronx and yet, since the start of school – a transformation of the neighborhood has taken place.  On the subway platform, I was one of a scant few who looked… well, like me.  Now, aside from the engagement rings and slacks, attributes of the female form or horrors depending on metabolism, diet, and heredity, there are many many… how can this be put to sound less offensive empowering?   Uh…. people who look like me.  Most are women…. but just a sprinkling of those dogood men types – you know the kind.  Skinny or kinda’ chubby, can’t get laid or are soft spoken “nice guys” we all tell our feeling to but don’t want to think about as sexual beings….. Zoinks!  Ok, Schwerpunkt has been told he is a skinny white boy but the other day I told someone on the street to fuck off so hard I threw up blood, tore them apart and ate them… wait, that was a movie I saw, and that wasn’t me and that wasn’t real life.  So…. teachers in teh ghetto…..  This school work/nom-profit work transformation, or 7:30AM – 2:40 PM gentrification of the neighborhood, makes me wonder.  Is there a percentage of society still making money – not much, but a living – on poverty?  Not the welfare queens of legend, but those who are trying to solve poverty or world hunger living off of an issue that if they really solved it, they’d be out of a job….  Not to mention the icky part where other people’s problems become a strange commodity in a country that officially makes nothing ™.

If so, are all these non-profits (or NGOS) actually continuing poverty in some strange-can’t-put-a-finger-on-it.  I mean, here is my case about what is observable, not what may be statically true.  Especially since numbers lie.  And we are told to believe in yourself, and yet when we use personal experience to extrapolate some fucking sense from this fucking nonsense-a-kal world…  (Schwerpunkt digressed).

Take the schools. Taxes come from property owners.  They go to pay for a system that in the United States is billions and billions of dollars.  Schools in many cities are filled with college educated professionals from upper class colleges as is much of the non-profit sector.  This “sector” was not started to be a “sector” but in states as diverse as Massachusetts to Alaska these workers comprise over 10% of the workforce and nationwide 7.2%.  That’s a high number for the economy.  True, many of these jobs are medical fronts – non-profit shadow activities the silent arms of industry, working away being subsidized by tax payers – then there are the jobs that traditionally would have been filled by those second sons and daughters, the religious orders.  However, no more.  Goodbye Sisters of Mercy and hello Chloe, daughter of XYZ who went to ABC college and is a fellow of 123anyprogram and getting a [your degree here] while she teaches and lives in a crappy apartment and _____________________ (your stereotypical young professional thing here).  This fills her family with pride, they contribute to NONPROFIT HERE and after a few years said individual hooks a banker (don’t hate, this writer went to a college of education and still bares scars from the many engagement rings the writer was nicked with on the lunch line) or OTHERPAPERPUSHINGHIGHPAIDJOB.  So, Chloe is there along with Zoe and they are teaching 9th grade and those kids are just so lost and they have so many issues and the parents are not resources and isn’t this the neighborhood that Jonathan Kozol wrote about and yes it is and thirty years later we could ask why the system is still failing but we won’t since this could undermine our belief in capitalism and a free market which is what made daddy money enough to send us to a Seven Sisters college where we totally experimented with stuff but now so love this lawyer for who he is cause for the 27 minutes a day he’s not at work he’s a really nice guy…..

Underpaid and overworked, these little prols lack class conciousness in a certain way yet spend the entire rest of the day getting on their soap box about how they totally know about Raceclassgender because, well, they work with poverty kids of colour.  And here is a question.  How come after so many years of these social programs, are there more people in poverty?  While many things have changed in society since 1968, it appears that working to actually end poverty would put a lot of people out of a job and threaten that other half… the bankers who are often the paramour of these professional social engineers.

Boots on the ground

I know.  Gross generalizations and such and such.  This is a fucking blog.  Get your news from the Government Accountability Office (where have they been these past 8 years?) or Jonathan Kozol.  However, here is your mission Schwerpunkters.  Drive to Westchester.  Drive along those tree filled lanes and watch how many people from that area travel to the South Bronx to work in schools or otherwise are part of the non-profit industry.  One may wonder, if the social experiment to have the 501c3 (et. al.) remove the teeth from the rising Communist presence in this nation all those years ago worked, not to totally remove poverty or inequality, but to constantly keep these issues being addressed by the very forces that maintain them.  Give the people bread each day, and you feel them for a day, pretend that bread grows on trees and teach them to grow those trees, and you fool them for a lifetime.

Ask your non-profit friends.  Just how are you paying your bills if those poor people were actually gone?  By alleviating the topical conditions of society, are you not preventing the solution of the deeper causes?  Why are the 1% of this country a little richer after thirty years of social change?  Why could 36 Children be written about the same goddamn neighborhood and just add some up-to-date rap star references and one mural project and it’s the same fucking thing?

Must be because we’ve changed the world.

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