Eight/ Thirty Three/ Sixty Three Years Later

There is a great deal of e-ink out there on the subject of today’s now historical events. This pile of ink will grow as chime after chime… well, chimes in.

The Alter

Here is your mission for today: Look at a picture of yourself the day before 9/11/01 and the day after.

Did we miss out on creating a new society, that moment where the next day all Americans were no longer hyphenated, or did we enter a new world of control and fear? Did we enter both and how long will this contradiction of progressive and retrograde forces last peacefully?  This is not the social struggles of the 1960s.  The hippies are dead.  Neo-cons cross many boundaries and capitalism has set its roots down within the minds and warped the hearts of the worker and those we used to consider the deserving poor.  Our revolution of the people has been reduced to a thousand custom ring tones.

Already today the newspaper said that revolution happens when leadership fails to listen to the people. As is the “leadership of 2000 – 2009” listened to the millions that took to the streets to support peace in the nation and the world. Our struggles have only just begun.

Let us if we do anything, reflect on the struggle ahead.  It has been eight years since 9/11 events, thirty three since the end of hostilities with Vietnam, and sixty three since the end of the Second World War.  Counting the passage of time is never as productive as planning for the future.

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