Taking a Paws


Every few months, years really, I have to reboot and rethink my blog.  For the past eight years [editor’s note… it’s ten years] this has been a personal writing project, unpaid, and pushed into the “extra time” I could or should be using to be part of the “sharing economy” – like hiring out my bed, my 1984 deathtrap convertible, or running errands for people too busy to get kale on the way home or pick up their dry cleaning for lo these many weeks.


My blog has survived divorce, breakups, financial ruin, job loss, computer crashes, and lack of a unifying vision or consistent style guide. It would seem that in the past few years and certainly the last several months, the blog as a format and this service as a provider has lost a lot of traction as the kids move on to Snapgram, Instamedium, and Vinehub for their content.  I have kept at this blog and truth be told, seen a decline in the past many weeks that has knocked the wind from my sails.  Not even bots are coming to visit it seems.  And so, this has led me to rather than writing at certain blocks of time where I can, such as on the train, I stare out the window and listen to music of my childhood, which at this point is REM, Nirvana, Talking Heads and other Golden Oldies.

I was just in Washington, D.C. and nothing really interesting happened.  Nothing to click a spark.  On the ride home, when normally I would be writing some pithy mirth, I was taken to waste my time.  I noticed that I had little to say, and perhaps no one to share what little I could say. However, my lack of taking this time has haunted me, as much as a self appointed task can on the morning commute, but I realized that I should continue on.  If nothing else than to reach some milestone of ephemeral writing and keep the bots and fellow bloggers who all read the same article that to increase traffic one must like as well as follow other blogs.


In the coming days I expect to rethink my work.  Perhaps find a theme that is more unifying.  Return to Doomer work?  Probably not.  Write political mollycoddle?  There are enough political blogs out there.  Cat pictures?  Well, I do have them, but it seems there is little I can add to the cat world.  I welcome recommendations, but I think I will return with more personal reflections on whatever places I go to for however long it is that my life allows me to travel so.  I expect by this next week to get back to the self-appointed task for providing bots, content farms, and you, Dear Reader, with more musings and general reports from the far corners of my travels or perhaps a static view that conflicts with this world of movement we find ourselves drowning in.


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