We Need A Pony!

Image3So the government is mining data in order to track citizens. Oh hum. Who cares? Well, 0100011110101. We knew that, and while the story is that we only track the gol-dang-farenars, we know that the real story is that they are tracking everyone, that they are indeed able to listen, if not now, at any moment and for any reason that may come up. Today, we listen in on the “terrorists” tomorrow the unionists, the anti-pipeline people, the animal rights folks, the Lions Club, the glee club, the Brudderhoff. However, who cares, we track ourselves with out iThingamajigs, we post where we are on Five Square, we post about details of our lives on Twatter and Thebookofface, and are tracked by Walmart every time to buy a family sized box of condoms so they can restack the shelves and see what other items we bought with this in order to better merchandize to fatties in trollies rolling about. Hmmm…. seems someone bought a large box of condoms, the board game Battle Ship, and a bottle of water. I wonder what this means for our upcoming advertisement campaign.
This blogger has fallen back from Gothem to the Valley of Smoke close to where the natives said the river runs both directions. Otherwise known as America’s Rhineland, the valley is a mixture of creeping crud (the suburbia, exurbia, and disturbia of the geography of nowhere), farm-like landscapes, and small rotting towns once proud centers of commerce now plastic storefronts and window boxes for antique stores or falling down and vacant hold overs to another age. Strangely enough, by mistake, this blogger has plunked down in the center of what the NEW YORK TIMES called the Valley’s Buskwickastan, so I guess it is the Rhinelandistan of Rhineland. Not that these plays on terms will fool anyone with access to my phone records, ISP logs, ESP logs, mirror locations, tracking codes and have a nice day button collection. I think the corporations know me better than I do myself, at this point. They know when I do what, with whom, and never forget the details after I have long since melded them together considering that I think I have early stages of wet brain. Think about the transactions you made 17 years ago. The last time the locusts were in bloom. I cannot even remember what I was, who I was, what I thought, but if I purchases a bagel with a card, or went to a certain internet cafe, well, that my dear fellow/et is part of BIG DATA, that can be mined in order to see if you are a terrorist or just need a lower or higher interest rate on your introductory card. You see, we all in participating or not are now caught up in the trap or technology and with each passing nanomillaparsecond, it seems less likely we can either regain what we may have had or move these forces into anything other than what they historically have become.


So many systems may offer benevolence, but in time the Office of the Holy See transforms from one of guidance into on of torture and persecution. The inquisition did not launch from nowhere, but grew out over time into the horror it was and was used by the Forces Temporal as much as it was misused by the Forces Holy. The system that tracks this or that “foreigner” will in soon enough time come home to track those who disagree with Monsanto, Xe, Halliburton, Walmart or those seek to add the checks and balances to our government that are supposedly built into the system. If our system indeed removes these from part of itself, it will make decent external to the system, as exists in Columbia, Mexico, South Africa, Sudan, etc, etc. Etc. External decent is waring factions rather than negotiating interests. It is bloodshed not ballots. However, it seems the direction we are taking, considering that the Big O is a continuation of the Clinbushton years, themselves nothing more than a Reagannomics circle jerk gookie cookie creep away from civil liberties and towards a cleaner, Chinese fascism with an American face. Ahem… an American face. Considering Uncle O is our current spokes model for expanded executive privilege and corporate-government secrecy. However, look at us, we may be getting the government we deserve. The amount of lies and deception about us, the double speak, political correctness, the inability to say “I have a problem” since we have no problems, we have challenges that are opportunities. Did you know that the Chinese stick figure for “Danger” is not the same as “Opportunity” yet the Intertubes and popular management culture keep telling us it his is truth, the lie oft repeated is Truth someone once said. I guess this blogger may as well start a meme that the Japanese Kanji for “Junior Idol” (チャイドル) is the same as “wow, that’s disturbing…”
Image2In my village we have a lot of police. Lots of cameras. The village next to us is getting a bomb sniffing dog. For that rash of bombings we’ve been not having. Why just the other day nowhere was on lockdown and we had at least not 10 bombs not go off. A few miles away they’re building a terrorist command post in a certain village of K- in the county of D-. They wish they would be that important as to be a center of terror, a focal point for International Communists… I mean, Jihadists. I can bet that as a bunch of redneck militia cannot find El-Goat Ass Junction, Afghanistan, a few Mohammedists living on SPAM and rice in a cave who may or may not have passed second grade the third time around can locate, plot, and execute an attack on the village of K- let alone find it on a map (hint, terrorist, it’s somewhere between county road 22 and 9G). Our village has a dog, but I am not sure he sniffs bombs. We also have given the police a boat, or two. A set of new 2013 Dodge cruisers tricked out with license plate readers, computers, tracking this and that technology, special super duper somethings and little toys of all types. The village has state-of-the-art cameras, except that the main one in town is broken. We also have the headquarters for the country Sheriff, the Town police, and maybe a few others. Piles of cops. Tons of fuzz. You would think I couldn’t just go outside and buy drugs right now, even know the dealer, say hi, know his kids names, wave when I see him…. I think since we have a bomb dog, can’t be a drug dog since the smell of funny home grown is all over Williams Street. We need to buy our cops something nice. I propose that we buy the local police a pony. A anti-terror pony, with a pink ribbon in her hair, trained to smell fanatical devotion to the Koran. Maybe that’s a tool for anti-terror, I mean, how can any terrorist resist a pony? How can we not have a pony as part of our war on everyone but the local drug dealers? I can’t wait to divert my tax money to hiring someone to brush our pony and to see her in every parade.
By posting this I am tracking myself in the BIG DATA mix, the computer in Utah turns on in September but already the systems are storing meta data this and plot points that so that someone in government can have a job and some set of subcontractors can have huge contracts and use the tax base so that one half of the population pays to monitor the other. I have put myself out there for what it is worth in order to vent, to think out-loud, and perhaps there will one day be a knock at the door and I will live to regret my online words, an issue we used to think mattered only to political opposition parties in countries we couldn’t name in places we never wanted to visit. One day perhaps I will sit in jail because I posted this or that about some corporation or offended some petty Demorepublicancrat. We may not care about bloggers such as Thaba Baba, or Rami al-Sayed, Khaled Mohamed Saeed or for those who hold open the curtain on our own regime like Bradley Manning, Linda Almonte, or Katharine Gun and countless others who have raised their voice or otherwise sounded the alarm that we are not living in interesting times, but dangerous times where capitalists are backed into the corner, resources are diminishing, our natural world is dying, community and family are being intentionally broken apart in order to extract slaves for the system and mold consumers for various idiot products, and the New American is one of no culture or affiliation other than quarterly earnings, the Constitution nothing but a document to avoid as we are distracted with a waving flags over the car lots. The New American does not like whistle-blowers. Does not like compromise. Does not see society as anything other than a win/sum game. And that New American is tracking how often foreigners log in from a cafe, who these foreigners associate with, and perhaps already or soon upon us, will be watching us too, mining our lives for signs that we disagree since compromise is non-negotiable and decent is now pushed outside, into the bush, the mountains, the valleys where the rebel fighters live.
To that I say, our anti-terror pony will sniff you out.

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