Cypriot Ticklers

photo(4)I remember there being spring. We used to date for a while before moving in together. Summer had a little foreplay for us.  A transitional period before the summer that has been apparently done away with so that we could just jump in to summer, that is after we have several of the exact same days in spring. Colder than normal, but not quite freezing, sunny sort of but with enough clouds that we can’t just enjoy it. Several people say that on top of the pile of educators who have committed racketeering that the old Ground Hog needs to be added to that pile seeing how the sonofabitch said we’d have spring this year and still we have day after day of…. well, groundhog day. We seems to be repeating a lot of things these days. The economic is anemic. Not a collapse, not a recovery, just a malaise that continues. Drags about, a guest sleeping on the couch, a sniffling cold that lingers all season. There is no end to this in sight.
Our government is locked into immobility. Business is locked into its habits, a junky looking for a fix is a most boring individual. The landscape is locked into reproducing more of itself, one subdivision birthing another one. It seems that there is a great deal of our lives are trapped in a cycle of some kind. What could it be that this continues on and on? Can the North Korean army shake us up our of this repetitive life? Do we have to go on a road trip? Another war? We tried that, twice, but it seems that those wars didn’t quite get our government moving, jump-start the economy nor bring us all together as a nation in order to enjoy a new day. Perhaps a huge space rock exploding over us could shake us awake. Blow off the scales from our eyes. Seems that didn’t work for the Russians, they’re still the same nation even after the Lord tossed a chunk of the universe in their direction. We can’t seem to collapse our economy entirely, nor can the EU implode one and for all freeing us from further Greek, Slovakian, Cypriot, or Portuguese ticklers fretting about our economic genitals.

It seems that our long sleep is just enough activity in order to keep us tuned in to the news, picking up the papers to see what official was arrested, indited, or otherwise been photographed with a hot dog in their shorts or whatever they do in their spare time. Maybe this will continue, maybe the spring will return in order to allow us some transition into another season, or perhaps like winter giving way to summer, this period of calm similar chilly days will give way to the heat and humidity of a new season…. perhaps this too is the same for our national condition, where we continue along in our rat race, keeping along listening to minor distractions, and then, could it be that something finally snaps? Seeing how this had yet to become true, the groundhog may also predict a continuation of the status quo. Summer giving up on all of us once and for all.

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