Thirty Rants in Thirty Days

photo (21)Thirty rants in 30 days? Am I setting myself up for a relapse of writer’s block, or going to be soon gathering thoughts around some mooncalf woolgathering and creative content puking where I brain dump all manner of eschatological histrionics and half-baked theories on esoteric alternative endings to the Clue film or regress to my sophomoric days and ponder in a fight, would Ernie or Bert win?

In the end, there may be little else to talk about, what with the world going a long providing little fodder for the rantosphere and blogtastic. Other than Datch Waifu message boards, the daily bombings in The Iraq, the heart burn of financial collapse in the Eurozone that promises fiscal ruin for all the Baron vons and confiscated assets of average Eurotrash but always ends in a fart or burp, a little more economic bromide, the up again, down again, up again stocks that never make the rest of us rich, some kid shooting up 1) school b) mall III) Magic The Gathering Convention and who sparks the same gun debate we had last time, Thundersnowacane, and tits, what is there to talk about? Our attention span is as short as the ADHD kiddies being medicated into their seats and the thundering bass of MSM continues to distract us with mawage and the news that the “gun debate is already slipping” out of the spotlight even though the MSM has yet to find a proper replacement… new laws regulating the manufacture of spinal fluid to prevent mad cow or whatever just doesn’t have the same cache as, say, murdering a classroom of kids in cold blood. But, we’re told we are losing interest in the gun debate anyway. Maybe this country needs another prime time nip slip.

The dogs of war remain drunk on soju, people are getting used to the Honey Boo Boo family, the major awards have already been given out, and so it seems that April may not be the cruelest month except that we are locked in for some really boring TeeVee. This is good for the quo of the status, but bad for rant-making. Except, that under the surface of the New Normal, there is a lurking fear, a hostile element to the air. The government is buying the same amount of bullets, yet folks say this is an arming for a coming war on civilians. The drones will come for our children, but first they may deliver pizzas. Interment camps are said to be built by FEMA, yet do we really think that agency can do anything, let alone find a way to make a secret camp since they were so unable to make a not secret camp for a few thousand displaced folks after New Orleans was turned into a toxic clusterfuck? People in this country can barely do something right when you tape the fucking answer to their head, can we really expect secret plans to be drawn up and executed? The conspiracy is right in front of us. The Monsanto protection act, the NDAA, the internet kill switch, the fake money complex, the too big to fail banks, the war industry turning it’s attention to American civilians, the increase of executive powers, the pro-apartheid Israel lobby holding us hostage, the gun nut lobby preventing sensible gun ownership, the Jewish left wing communist conspiracy to make shit films, the Garfield hasn’t been funny since 1987, the Saturday Night Live has never been funny complex… It’s all right there in front of our faces. Yet, we choose not to look into the face of a world that may at any moment just spin out of control.

Yet, maybe this spinning top just won’t yank to a halt or otherwise give the wetdream of collapse to so many Doomers. Maybe our Jewish-communist-homosexual media overlords will give us better films. Maybe Uncle O will listen to the hunger strikers and close Gitmo(tm). Maybe DNAA is an April Fool’s prank. Maybe that last Batman film wasn’t all that bad. Perhaps the space lizards aren’t that bad. Hilary Clinton isn’t even a space lizard after all. She’s just a woman who can shoot lightning out of her eyes and isn’t as good a lay as a fat girl. Maybe gold is not as fungible as those dudes on the infomercials think. Maybe, just maybe this is how the world works. The New Normal doesn’t rush into some climax or follow a story arch, but there is a long play at hand and things drip on, sometimes this way other times that way but we will all get our retirement of sorts, the world will get the oil it needs, the heady days of 2008 when it seemed the last standing Empire was about to shit the bed may be nothing but a blip on the historical time line of human progress. We’re all ok, and life is, as the tee shirts say, good.

The question or imminent collapse or impending stasis will be this blogger’s focus in the next thirty days. This blogger will do h/i/s/er/ts best to work this out using some level of insight, a few links, a lot of reflection and some degree of newsiness to chew on the chestnut of the EOTWAWKI since at a personal level, it is hard to build one kind of life when the past several years have seemed to point to another. And who wants to build that world made by hand so prevalent in the rant-o-sphere when perhaps we want to build a world made my an app that can run your house, flush your toilet from afar, and fill one’s colon with so much yummy processed foodstuffs.

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