Life in Transit

Currently, this writer has suffered from motion sickness as there is a great deal of moving going on at this time.  After spending seven months in Stuytown, the move is being made to Spanish Harlem in an attempt to trade less rent for more noise, drug dealing, and crap services, not to mention more room mates.

To complicate this movement within the city, all this writer’s tenants in upstate New York (AKA North Korea) have vacated since the economy has tanked there leading to yet another expensive renovation marathon and the stress of trying to fill large historic apartments with people who know 1) how to use the bathroom 2) contracts are real 3) that leaving the house for a few hours during the day is not only a good thing, but if you fill those hours with a job you get money to pay for things.  This has meant 12 hour days on the weekend, and late nights every week.  In addition, there has been a lack of high speed internets since one room mate is too cheep to get the service (and has been for the entire stay at Stuytown) and one of the new room mate is on the rocks with the owner and refuses to provide the code to the wireless – he also strangely enough refuses to pay rent I guess echoing the above contractual understanding.  I mean, we are all trapped in a capitalist system, so even though I’d love to provide livingspace for free….

Hence, there has been a gap in writing even while the world keeps spinning.  expect that in early February, things settle down so that more films, rant-a-go-go, and online games are provided.  Well, perhaps not games but links to some very good writing and thinking about The Change.

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