Spirit of 69

The failure of the boomer generation is at hand. The latest ruling in the courts send a clear message that we are a nation in decline. We watch TeeVee and surf the web while the hands about our neck tighten. No problem, we think – kinda gives us an erection… However this is no auto erotic game. This pleasure we feel is the hard on if the hanged man – and like Occurence at Owl Creek, this is our final millisecond. Atlas will shrug, but it won’t be to slough off socialists for the sake of fredmanists. It will be mother earth rolling over. And no amount of sweatshirts with Wolfs and dreamcatchers or tickets to Avitar films will save us.

Our polyester is no longer a joke. It’s in our lungs. The crystals of rock wool that fell into my eyes are working their way to my retinas. The asbestos pipe covers broken at my feet. The lead paint dusting my mouth. And in all this, where are the modern-day hippies? Where is positive youth culture and the change agents? The spirit of 1776 that of 1933 or 1968 or 69 seems dead. Teaparties, Rock concerts and teeshirts pile up in landfills.
It is time to make a stand.

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