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There is nothing sweeter than seeing that the vast majority of people in your cohort (raceclassgender) are more betterer off than you winning prizes and getting Goodjobs.  Unless you are part of a cohort that cannot seem to get a job, let alone a Goodjob.

For many, their cohort is working on getting to the next level (yes, Legend of Zelda was all  you needed to know about life….)  Take your average nincompoop with a liberal arts degree and s/he/it is working s/h/er/im/it’s ass off every day and bringinging in just enough to cover rent, food, booze, ATM fees and perhaps a yearly trip to China—-town.  They are part of one cohort you may belong to and thereby are not in trouble of being bested by.  Then, there is the other cohort.  These boobs seem like the other boobs (see above) yet, inexplicably, they remove themselves from that cohort and join their proper cohort already in process. These are the ones who move on to getting that Goodjob, which very often (actually 10% of the workforce) is at some nonprofit.  They are your bosses, you owners, your upper upper managers.

And in non-profit-land, they used to sit next to you.  Nonprofit Goodjobs actually pay very well despite that the vast majority of these nonprofit jobs suck not just ass but high up into and beyond the ass.   High salary nonprofit Goodjobs have been in the news of late since many people are starting to wonder – why does a nonprofit (such as the MOMA but that and various colleges or universities should be considered something else since they roll in millions of millions) pay their CEO/Executive Director so much friggen money?  Also, aren’t we paying them twice, based on that the money used to pay them is subsidized by a tax remittance to the “giver”?  Many nonprofit CEOs get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars (my stint as an Executive Director I got a high point of $57,000 a year… and that lasted, one year) if not millions.  The voice on the radio (NPR) said that it was to “attract good talent.”  OK, but by that rationale, why are the ground workers paid in the upper 20s and told they need to be grateful for even that pitiful pecuniary penitence (my appologies to the late Safire).  Are we saying that we’re looking for the worst talent for the workers on the ground?  Is that why the pay is so low?

Also, what of the “giver.”  Does it mean when to “feed the children” you also have to feed the CEO?  I guess it does.  In this business-corporate-ROIROIROI! culture, getting rice to a starving baby is big business… at least for the top person and their cohort.  The rest of the workers… well, they’re screwed like workers in other industries.  Non-profits are business and  have to be run like one, non-profit upper managers and the lower level staff who love them tell me.

Schwerpunkters, here is your mission:  Don’t give to charity.  As a matter of fact, abuse the next fundraiser person who calls or accosts you on the street with a fake smile and tones of that energy that Christians and actors have that is so fucking draining (damn you Children International).  When they demand  money for [whatever] refuse.  I told the very nice freshmeatman from my Collegeofchoice that I was broke and that he’d better get out… while he still could.  That I would give my money directly to students, or bums, or whomever.  And could he lend me a tenner?  When I say I’m broke, this is not a figure of speech.


2 thoughts on “Get a Goodjob

  1. hmmmm….

    And it’s also pretty fucked up when you put year after year of pain and suffering into that non-profit, getting paid peanuts, never getting a raise, and then some dude with less education but a better accent wanders in, does half the work you do, but suddenly gets 40% more money. I wonder why? Are penises really worth $20k?

  2. Depends on whether the funder instructed you or not and what those motives were….

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