Begining of School: 134 – 180 Wasted Days Spread over almost 10 Months

CrackedThis is the start of earning season for for-profit testing and textbook companies Harcourt Educational Measurement, CTB McGraw-Hill, Riverside Publishing (a Houghton Mifflin company), and NCS Pearson and the National Textbook Company.  The start of the Your School Tax Dollars at work (true, just us property owners) and already there is trouble on the first day of classes.  This trouble won’t be the wrinkles in uniforms we are stuffing poor kids back into.  &, I don’t mean “poor kids” like, the “awwwww, the poor little children” I mean “poor kids” like “I have basic cable and an 8Gig iPod(tm)”  but we don’t usually called them “poor” since we all went to college and are way more totally sensitive n’stuff so we use “working class” “working poor” “meager means” or some other euphemism since with live in a society without class…. I mean, classless society.  We give poor kids thousands of non-profits to “improve self esteem” or &c..  We also are thinking about giving them longer school days of classroom instruction, homework help of “structured activities” (defined perhaps best by Young Pioneer or NSDAP Youth Group literature) so that  poor kids [ability to conform to the system] scores will improve.  I mean, testing is a billion dollar industry and we must have competition and industry where we can… cause, we don’t make actual things anymore.

However, we are saving the best worst thing for kids for today.  An uplifting message from the President of the United States.   He will tell them to believe in themselves, learn things, and stay out of trouble.  Kinda’ like what the squares always said at the end of Our Gang comedies.

What a laugh.  Those people who are screaming “Big Brother” don’t even know how right they are.  I mean he is a bro… nevermind….  So, telling kids to watch out for themselves in a society with fewer and few safety nets and more and more control is a bad thing because…..  And having a government school system (aka “public”) providing a “public” message by… the government’s top person rather than Clear Channel or Ms. Walters or principal Skinner is an abuse of the system because…..  Such strange times we live in.  Is it If X is true and Y is untrue Then… Get off my lawn?  skull baby

I refuse to watch this message only because I refuse to sneak into a school building during the day and setting off all kinda alarms or lockdown procedures and get arrested for trespassing on “public” property.

Video message for the children from Schwerpunkt:  [Link Broken]

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