Summer Unofficially Ends Tonight

SchweatherThis is it. If you did not enjoy the climate change that was this summer, hold on.

They said you did not need a Weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing – perhaps neither do we. We know the weather blows. The cold wet summer may spill into a cold, cold, dry winter and by Christmasitemsinstores Season (formerly October 1st) we will be trapped in ice, wildfires, or frogs from the sky. Welcome darkness and night and oh, I am not up lifted right now…. At least there is a new version of Melrose Place (sp?).

Summer has ended, and what a soggy experience that was. So many people are actually glad that the season of wet – hot – wet has ended and we enter the cold and dark times. The past few light dark light darks have been nice. It was a welcome time to consider as we phase out “spring” and “autumn” that were decreasing productivity and reducing freemarket ™ competition. I ask, perhaps the lid has been blown off the Four Seasons thing and with climate change comes freemarket ™ weather forces. LET! the market decide!
Summer no more. New improved summer is split into seven holding seasons (see “Ma Bell” for a classic example of how well this worked for the CONSUMER) that in turn will compete wtih one another for market share. We’ll have Wethotwet, or Hothotdrystarvingtime, or even Coolrottingdamp depending on where you live and the kind of life style your unique personality and tax ID number allow you to have. Winter too can have competition to make it more efficient and productive. Replace it with Coldsnowsnow or Warmbugsanddengue and watch your lifestyle im/ex-plode. Summer and winter better watch out. We got rid of Spring and Autumn as those bitches were so last El Ninothingy. Those adder seasons just starved fashion models anyway. Think about it. I don’t have time to explain. Somethingsomethingsomething verb super models noun verb adverb something funny clever connection, ironic statement, link spidered image haw haw – you make the joke yourself.

Schwerpunkt forcast: Dark tonight with a chance of light by day break. Pack a sweater or whatever it take to fend off a random one day only seasons trying to break into the market

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