Is this the end, my friend?

Is it curtains for Schwerpunkt? For many years, a decade at least (more if you include a discontinued blogspot of 2007 that was downright insane), I have blogged semi-regularly.  Through all sorts of adventures, troubles, and challenges.  I have made a few friends with other writers and seen my ups and downs of clicker-ship (not sure if people are reading what I write).  I have taken a several month break but feel guilty since I have been very committed to this project as a very part-time way stitching thoughts together during the scraps of time I have during the week.  My travels have slowed down, or at least moved into a routine. There is less to say about a place when one gets to know it and I was never one to write minutia or lionize whatever hotels, bars, and eateries I frequent or … infrequent.

To this, I think in the coming weeks there will be a rebirth of this forum.  Again, I will switch gears and perhaps change the focus – maybe this will be returning to my roots in Doomer Philosophy, watered down travel blog, or poli-sci rant-a-thon.  Bethatasitmay, we will see the next incarnation and in the event this is but a period on my project, here is a picture of my dinner, since that seems to be what the internet is best for.


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