Future Forward: 2017 Edition

We don’t yet have flying cars in 2017, but teams of super-smart kewl kids on the west coast who make hundreds of thousands of [stock option] dollars a year are staying late, working weekends, haven’t taken a day off in their twenties so that technology can relieve taxi and truck drivers out of their ordinarily low-paid jobs.  That’s between 3.5 and 4.1 million taxi, truck, delivery, transit, and school drivers depending on your chosen source of statistics since while data-driven, our society still can select data sets made by the hairy and prejudicial hands of wo/man.
G/g/o/_/d/s/es/desses save the future.
For 2016, pugnacious petulant ramblings were in the polis and economy for far too long, and the fatigue of this created a great exodus from social media.   We now can settle into the calm disaster coming to us, no longer having to bicker or fight as to the shape and size of that calamity from a social-political perspective.  Not that 2016 didn’t give us other concerning items.  Ice blergs [sic] the size of Texas or India are floating about, migrants took over the news cycle and several camps in France, Greece, and Spain.  Wars of all manner that were supposedly tamped down now spread throughout regions where we spent much treasure and lives to subdue.  We watched as ruins became powder and historic sites restored were exploded.  In many quiet villages of Europe and corners of North America the dark shadow of jihad the old ghosts of violent nationalism walk again as the zombie army millennials have warned us of for years.

If 2016 taught us anything, the year hence past retaught us that we can barely coexist when we look exactly the same let alone maintain a community of divergent tongues, drives, and family formats without the comfort of enormous and unsustainable natural resources.  Bears only hunt when hungry.  And the time for hunger is coming.  From Milwaukee to Munich veiled women in black and robed men in white point fingers at one another and decry isms galore between bombings, stabbings, beheadings, hangings, and of course, police shootings.

When I looked back at my predictions from last year, I was more-or-less wrong about some predictions … I was correct that 2016 would be the year of anger and the immigrant question coming to the front of our media for form the next cause célèbre.  But, I was exactly wrong about a huge thing.  The biggest thing of 2016 and by far the most important upset the the power structure since perhaps the actual Civil War. That is of course Mr. Trump and his election.

As with the rest of the glittering illuminati of the digital chatter-o-sphere and discount clickbait, I did not predict the election of that particular individual.  My opinion was rooted in data I poured over night and day.  Just kidding, it was the same fake MSNBCBSCNNPBS we all subscribe.  With the billions of dark money flocking in as Ravens [the bird but spellcheck capitalized it since our language is monitized] to our mindspaces, the media squandering their position between calling a horse race and casually praising Ms. Clinton, it seemed settled.

The powerful elites and transcendentalist techno power brokers of the designer class with their gender-fluid lifestyles and Neo-Liberal bank accounts seem to have called it years ago.  I shrugged in my belief that the system was so immune from interference, so buttressed by the power positions of the ruling elites that the coronation of Ms. Clinton was all but inevitable.  When Mr. Sanders came about with the momentum of a movement, this writer was shocked and for a time held out some hope that change was in the air.  I was eager to be incorrect of my fatalist view of our current condition.

I hoped to have to go and edit my past posts and rants and hope that no one had taken screen shots of record so I could claim to have been correct all along, when proven incorrect by the Sandernistas and Bernie Bros.  This writer kenned that the system was indeed, as the supercilious Mr. Trump one proclaimed, “rigged” and did not spend much time after the DNC affair to engage or kvetch either on, or offline to correct this – what was then – fact.  I said in those days, “there is no way they are going to let that man win.”  The “they” spent close or over 1.3 billion dollars or roughly $53,324,383 million in 1913 dollars.  That is a lot of money with few results.

Mr. Trump, and 53 million fellow Americans, proved me wrong.  Along with the talking heads of MSNBCBSCNNPBS, I was stammering for words for a time. The muttering sputtering politicos of NPR and their ilk were slackjawed, and many of their statements had as much structure and syntax as a current Tweet by Mr. Trump.  This, of course, was in time replaced by a new narrative.  Mr. 538 stopped hiccuping dyspeptic apologies and finally came to a new and improved theory.  Fake News(TM).  The Russians, Whitelash, Small Pocketbook Dogs, The SOVIETS, Allen Qaeda, Rustbelt Rapscallionary, Putin Pettifoggery had all conspired to rob the Regent Queen of Her victory.  And, when I come to digital pen and ink from which to unleash my own myopic logorrhea, it is hard for me to fire up my crystal ball and make some unfounded accusations about the future that I cannot be held accountable for but which are nonetheless entertaining.  However, I will try.

I predict that Mr. Trump will be de-elected in some manner in the coming months either by actions of his own miniature hands or by dint of some coup costumed as a legal truism.  A black oops, as it were designed to look like our nation is one of laws and not wo/man.  Many will choose to believe my prediction as they wish for this, since it is what many hope will occur.  However, I would propose that any fallout from a coup will be long-lasting, detrimental to our national’s philosophical identity, and perhaps more damaging as any retrograde administration could offer in 4 years.


Should governmental power transfer in a peaceful manner becoming our democracy, and the forces of industry glower on the public side but a la Madame Honorable Ms. Clinton, J.D. maintain a private opinion, things may iron out, and the good ship of state may yet plod along through the thinning ice of northern seas and dry, hot earthquake-prone lands of our interior.  No matter the next few months of 2017, the slow civil war long awaited by many has been finally put in place to start in earnest.

The year Anno Domini MMXVII will unfurl in new ways as well as those old familiar chestnuts.  Terror will visit our shores, that much we can be certain of whether foreign or domestic.  Europe is starting to sink into what may turn to be a common occurrence, and the charming lanes of Bruges may yet become Beruit.  Something is coming for which we don’t yet have a word.  That is about as vague a prediction as I can make.  Which makes it the best prediction you can get for this time of year for the price you are willing to pay for infotainment.

In that, have a great and safe holiday season and New Year.  Replace those beans you bought in 2008, we may yet need them.






2 thoughts on “Future Forward: 2017 Edition

  1. Nice. Just two technical glitches:

    “Many and in quiet villages of”
    “upset the the power structure”

    I’m surprised your wordware didn’t spot the double “the”.
    Feel free to delete/burn this comment after reading.

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