I’ll Be Back …

Neither storm nor sleet nor dead of night, nor termination, divorce, war, nor mood swings, or erroneous Auto-correct(tm) have kept me from my appointed rounds of posting to my site.  However… after 6 long years, this writer is to take a break, and assess this writing project, reconfirm my voice, and perhaps work on SEO as this thing writing is all over the place.

What started as a protest to a deep depression brought on by the events of 2008 and the unraveling of my adult life turned into a Doomer blog read by a few thousand people a year and followed by a handful of devotees.  In time, the Dommer community dwindled as the Long Emergency took longer than most people demanded, and I too saw the effete utility at continuing to rail and rant against the same dead horses of history and Hu/M/ankind’s revanchism to Mother Nature and all things of The Garden.  So, knowing that I was pissing into the wind, I revamped my site and with changes and improvements in my life including a greater carbon footprint, I took to some discount travel writing with a dash of invented spelling and a commitment to run on sentences and poorly edited posts since all of ya’ all be reading this fo’ free no how.  While not cultivating a particular audience, I have seen interest in my work drop to a handful of clicks of real people, and a few bots from the subcontinent or other web-crawling monsters.

So, thus, to my loyal fans, fear not I will/may return.  For the bots that crawl through my site, at least click on a few pics once in a while.  And in a matter of no time at all, I will be back with all new content.  Will it have a better theme and SEO?  #probably a skill @beyond my #mastery.  Will I ever learn to write in full sentences? Not.

Issue Zero 144.JPG






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