Schwerpunkt Turns 400!


Schwerpunkt International has inexplicably turned 400.  That is 400 posts on TEOTWAWKI, Travel, Leben und Kunst, Doom, and many musings and Deepthoughts (sic) on This Great Nation that are at once personal as they are intended to be enjoyed by others.  So thanks for stopping by all these posts.

What started out as a little side project to vent and let the angry naughty bits of this author’s mind come out and play, has led to a little side project more about travel and life where the writing bits come out and practice.   Not that these years of practice have reduced the inability of the author or editor from preventing or ameliorating or otherwise eradicating errors and transgressions horrific and surprising against American (and UK) English.  That’s just how deep bad grammar runs.

I would like to thank the readers of this blog for years or weeks or just one-off readers who appear to be a great selection of creative types, a lot of photographers (I am flattered since I am not a photographer), and a few Doomers.  The many followers as well as those who regularly check in with me.

In the coming weeks will be relaunching with perhaps some updates to the look and perhaps even a focus rather than the rambles that have replaced my travel writing now that I no longer travel as much.  Perhaps that will help improve my Internet SCO since I suspect the Googles has blacklisted this site for questioning corporate hegemony too much or perhaps not enough.  And you, Dear Reader, keep coming back for more.

Editor’s Note: Perhaps there needs to be metatags here.  We really knew what we were doing here. 

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