NaBloPoMo – AKA Thirty Rants in Thirty Days

IMG_0920A friend’s Facebook page had a hyperlink to a URL that led to an article and in the comments I found a link to a blog and there a post discussed a topic and pointed me to a July NaBloPoMo. I figured that since I had traveled about this Great Land last year on Amtrak and posted 30 rants in 30 days that I would again sign up for a challenge, to some summer fun, except that this time I would be joining something that a few other bloggers are doing too and I will mind my manners a little more than usual. NaBloPoMo is a challenge to write a post a day for a month and the theme is “decade.” This will be an interesting month to take this up since wedged in the middle of the month is a good twelve days where I may be out of range with technology but otherwise will be writing “posts” – albeit perhaps on paper scraps about a campfire.
So, here is to the challenge and to looking at “decade” – that span having past since my passport (which expired yesterday) was issued, and that time in the future where I fully enter upper middle old age and the silver years of my life.

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