Up In The Air

photo (24)The year is off to a good start. From where I am sitting, things look calm and collected. The amount of radioactive water leaking in to the pacific is only of interest to the fringe of society and certain pescatarians who will now glow in the dark or grow superpowers. I am flipping through a magazine of things I don’t need but may want. Some of these items are so strange I want to know who thought them up. A lamp that looks like a six foot tall women except that where the head belongs there is the lampshade. I want to know the sort of people who do buy this pricy shit. The trash tip in the middle of the pacific ocean is no longer making its rounds on the Book Of Face in shared posts although a story of some individual yachter complaining about how few fish are out there and the impact of huge Asian trawlers that harvest everything and then toss most of it aside in their search for baby seals or some comparable cute animal they can club to death and sell to the Chinese as an Ancient Secret like so many pounds of shark fin or rhino horn. Otherwise the fires of Australasia burn on and the smog of Beijing makes that of London a mere piker in the world of noxious airs and we look to open so and so many new franchises of McWhatever over there in order to balance the trade since we now sell tribes trinkets… and dollars. Page 28 is all about things that say “Grandkids Are The Best” or some other clever grandparent thing on a towel or large carved something…. that is not carved since it is poured from some resin.
The average person cannot sell dollars, they are forced to sell trinkets. Banks get to sell the dollars. Government gets to print the dollars. This is how it will be for our foreseeable future. Everything in the catalog made in China. The yeti lawn statue (large stands 5′ for $500), the elliptical exercise thing that always winds up as a clothes rack after two uses, the clever kitchen tool that does that thing you never need but all of a sudden cannot live without. So this is what smog makes. Useful stuff. Thankfully, we don’t have to breath the air the Chinese breath at least not right away, and our park down the block will filter out the toxins as the Central Park act as the lungs of the city, compensating for the furnaces burning cheap bunker oil, the trash incinerators in Brooklyn, the bus depots in the Bronx, the festering city dump on Staten Island, and of course the fumes and flavor that may come wafting over from New Jersey, not that the air over there crosses the state line. Resin seems in these days. Here on page 18 the stuff is mixed with marble dust to make a “realistic stone-like quality” of something destined to become an heirloom, as if anything form Sears, even from their 1885 catalog became an heirloom, unless it was indeed a loom, and bestowed upon some heir.
Not to pick the Chinese and the Pacific, the Atlantic (which I hear is connected in some way to the Pacific) has its own brand of fun times for the new season. While the BP thing has all but played out and as a story the bottom of the ocean never gets that much airtime even on a good day, we seem to have moved on with our lives and any worry that we are killing the Gulf of Mexico. It is almost Red Tide season and Spring Break. Throngs in thongs, some of which you can buy on page 50 of this entertaining catalog, will soon be at the beaches of the southern shores. The trade winds will blow once again…. actually, I have no idea when these blow… But, people will come to party and Datona Beach or Miami will be littered with party debris washing in and out with the tides, like this beach blanket on page 12 with Justin Bieber on it. That and the usual crisp wrappers, juice boxes, Bud Lite Lime cans, sprout wrappers, water bottles (irony the litter caused by water) from hydrated masses urinating and breeding freely upon our shores tossing aside all manner of geegaws and whatnots and making way for March when a flood of plastic beads will once again flow down the drains and out to sea to be swallowed by Key Deer, baby dolphins, and whales that are misunderstood but need a friend.
There are new seasonal hallmarks no longer tied to the natural world. Autumn the Halloween candy sticks to your shoes, the dark days of early winter filled with sales, parking lots, and greedy ingrate children mooing. Midwinter may be cold, colder than you ever have known, or you may be in a teeshirt washing your car. We know Midwinter because of football. We move to beads and then again Bud Lite Lime picks up from the Easter candy on your shoe season and the rite of Spring marked by lime-a-rita for Cinco-d-May-o. It looks like this natural progress is in place this year since we are in an economic recovery…. True we have been told that we are in recovery since the first crash of two thousand ought eight but this time it really, really, really is indeed here and will impact you in a positive way this time and not just see your manager get another stock option. If this is the case we can see a continued expansion of consumer spending, like this attractive dog door that lets in Fido and fits all standard doors. We are to once again ride the train of housing bubbles, gas fracking bubbles, and just enough poisoned water because since we worry about Arab goat herders coming over here and peeing saccharine into our drink, we freely dump fluoride, cinders (burned coal mixed with sand and used in place of salt in some states when it snows), and a fair amount of spilled chemicals from uninspected tanks and whatever leftover sludge the FEMA people building those camps couldn’t load into the Chemtrail delivering air-o-planes and could not be passed off to the local garbage transfer station on “Hazardous Waste Day”into our own water. Hazardous Waste Day a moving holiday of sorts I continue to not quite get on my calendar so my pile of strange cans of drexobenzohidraselilineamate I bought for some reason from the Home Depot continue to rust away in a dark area of my storage facility.
photo (25)If we do recover, we will continue to build on and up. As I write this, I am at 36,000 feet – perhaps also delivering chemtrails for all I know it since I am tucked way back in a seldom visited section of the air-o-plane and I have no say in what goes on. The land below is covered in a blanket of snow and development. The Skymall is a key part of any trip. The vista is indeed impressive if a little alienating since humans, I am convinced, were not meant to be this high up en-mass and this blogger is not convinced we have achieved that psychological evolution to Start Child in order to truly appreciate what we are seeing in its full extent. Bethatasitmay, it is from up here you can see how much world we have, and how little we have left. The strips of wasted land used by powerline, clear cut but left barren, seem inconsequential at this height. All those paved hectares of highway and parking lots seem a small almost invisible set of lines and patches from this altitude as we seem to have more land in reserve. There is no direction I look at this level that we have not marked with settlements and straight lines connecting to other settlements so that across the planet a new organism is growing, one that appears a mitochondria growing and moving about. We are indeed reshaping the earth to fit our new technology, and from up here our low and long industrial buildings, those flat rectangles connected by duel carriageways appear as microchips on a very large motherboard. The new settlements are clusters of circles and drives rather than the stage runs and four corners of our old industrial development of the 19th century grid. These new developments cut off any movement, try to restore the village to a select few strangers by preventing movement in order to ensure that no stranger-dangers come to our cul-d-sac and molest our children’s sacs – our phantom children the play in the chamlawn yard… The ones who we got a yard so they could “run around” and “play” except we fear unstructured time because that leads to excessive masturbation and drug use… so the yards stand vacant and the play structure larger than most Guatemalan ketchwa minority peasant dwellings stands empty as we shuttle our little bastards to this and that event so that they can get into the Rightcollegegetagoodjobhaveafamilyanddiewiththemosttoys or these kiddies of our future are plugged into an electronic version of the world that is more fun and easier to deal with – and who doesn’t want to win big every day by pressing ABABAB Start Select Start Select – isn’t that what more financial jobs have devolved to?
From this height there is calm below. A simple detachment and all I am concerned with is when will they refill my coffee and is there a line for the toilet.
We are traveling at 650 miles an hour.
It is minus 57 degrees.
We are at 38,000 feet.
While this point of view may be what our Masters see of the world, this high up view where land and water stretched in all directions and in plenty, we cannot live up here, maintain this speed for a sustainable duration, even a few hours is difficult, and the most human reaction to seeing the world this way leads to some very poor choices on the ground. We were not meant to be up this high. Our minds have not developed to that next step in evolution/god.
Looking down there are still patches of the world in its natural form, but slowly, we are transforming it into us. One world organism. Seething, breathing, flowing, and looking for more. Trapped forever on this substrate we nibble away at each and every day. Maybe one day someone up here will turn all 2001 n’shit and become a Star Child and come back to terminal 6 with some real answers. In the meantime, I am going to continue to shop the Skymall. I can understand this… Oh look, a plastic something that looks like a thing I know. I want that. I want it all to float in the ocean one day.
photo (26)

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