Six Weeks of Nuclear Winter

photo(12)The days are growing longer and the plants are responding and breaking through and reaching up to spread out. The trees are budding, the birds are doing what they do, the bees what they do, and it looks like the seasons continue as they should. Thing are perhaps looking up after all. The WWIII of Asia seems postponed for the time being, we don’t have the sea rising, everything burnable out west was consumed by the fires of last year, and while Fleet Week in NYC may be canceled due to the sequester, we still have our pot holes filled, still have the street lights on, we’re still not Detroit, we don’t have an Overlord or whatever they’re calling whoever is in charge.
But do we have an overlord after all? We are told not to worry about Little Fat Kim and his ability to drop Fat Man or Little Boy and then we are told, well, see folks, we actually think perhaps maybe there is just enough WMD for us to be concerned about, I mean… well, folks we just think perhaps we need to start our own war since we bought all these cool toys for The Iraq and rather than using them at home against the Merikin’ people, we can bring them over and squish Little Kim.
Again, good thing Kim doesn’t wear a towel on his head or have oil under his sand or this kid would already be toast. So we can all tune in to the TeeVee if we wish and after this report, perhaps more content will be devoted to the potential of atomic bomb war thingy over in Asia and we will read fewer news items about Madonna (the aged rocker turned African baby hoarder mom) being condemned by the government of Malawi – the only country it seems that didn’t toss off the yoke of imperialism and assume the mantle of utter hellish depraved lawlessness like 69.87% of Africa but emerged from thirty years of quiet dictatorship a rather stable democratic nation.
So, the dogs of war area awakening this spring too. I guess this blogger was premature in my forecast that since Korea was not Iran that Fat Kim would get a pass in his antics, as it was repeated several times on the NPR until it became a mantra that these threats were “seasonal” and that the US was treating the “hermit nation” as a “bellicose child” which may be the seventh through thirtieth time I have heard the word “bellicose” used outside of my college “Intro to Restoration Literature” class back in my college days.
So, as it swings between warm and cold in this season we swing from being afraid of long range bombs and scoffing at this “bellicose hermit nation” for reading too much into the seasons section in the Art Of War and making a fuss in the same way Mr. Ground Hog is expected to do – which if the little bugger saw his shadow he may indeed threaten six weeks of a nuclear winter too. Perhaps Little Kim is the same, we are assured, right before being read a bedtime story saying indeed, we have another WMD situation, and it just so happens that we have all these armed forces standing about with nothing to do, and so many bombs just itching to be dropped.
Perhaps indeed Little Fat Kim saw his shadow and we’re to have six weeks of nuclear winter.

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