Upping the Game

photo(14)This blogger has been ranting for a number of years. Since 2008 actually when the author needed a space to vent and collect thoughts in a chaotic personal and global world of financial crashes and bleak future prospects and to practice writing short position pieces rapidly.

When this blog moved to WordPress, several improvements were made.  Longer entries responding to deeper issues than reacting to the day’s news, fewer links to articles or other sundry websites you can google yourself, no spidered images,  and more involvement in a community of doomers, gloomers, and aging boomers who are standing on the shoulders of giants and feeling those giants slowly collapse under their own weight.  First a hand full, then dozens, now hundreds of you or robots visit each week (not counting people who come across this blog based on a websearch “the hugest tits I have ever seen” which I imagine was the most disappointing click of that masturbatory life…).

Now that the numbers have sustained for over two years, this blogger will again return to make some improvements. Most of these posts are written in the stolen time I have in the week to sit down and knock something out in an hour or two.  I haven’t been keeping a notepad for blog ideas such as “hey, feeding my cat would make a great blog post!” but I should.  I often forget the ideas I have while driving, can’t write down impressions I make while at work, and have often had to just open up a page, recall my thoughts, open up the floodgates, and write on.

But, now this blog is ready for a change.  This week there won’t be a post about TSHTF, IHOP or EOTWAWKI or how the US government said it was legal to nuke an American citizen without due process or even evidence.  The author will instead use the time to get ahead of the schedule and to spend a little more time with the post so that it takes on more characteristics of an essay.  Expect the same profanity and compound words, the same blurry images and un-certified assertions unsubstantiated allegations incorrect predictions and retarded forecasts but a higher editorial value and fuller ideas for you to rant for/against but perhaps the most disapointing click of your life if you are looking for “the hugest tits I have ever seen.”

So, see you next Tuesday.

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