The Next Voice You Hear

Tphoto (1)he words on my lips these days are “G/g/o/_/d/s/es/ess/es damn it America!”
There is more talk today about this and that and entire networks trying to make sense of those things, but the more this blogger wades in to the news or any informational text, the less I know and the more confused I become. My complaints make me sound like I’m eighty years old. “Cant the Kidsthesedays slow down? Wait a second, don’t rush me!” I can already hear my old voice, ragged from smoking and yelling at children.
Really, we are being buried in chatter. Just when one asshole thing is said about the price of gas being dictated by the president (when it is Obama) another asshole thing is said about the president not being in charge of the price of gas (when it is Bush) or that the Invisible Hand is at play and while oil is going up in price per barrel – we are reminded that we’re not buying oil, we’re buying gas and diesel. We’re told we have a plenitude of shale sludge, pink sludge, or fracking farts from the rust-belt (yes, “rust-belt” is hyphenated these days) and then told – the same day – we don’t have said plenty and we’ve reached Peak Everything/ have reached Peak Everything in 1999/ will reach Peak Everything in 2020 (an election year). We’re told we lack of an alternative to Romnsantorgrich. We are told we lack an alternative to BilleryObama. We are told Uncle O is good for us because he Hopes to Change small items… leaving larger corporate interests in place. We are told we have Green Shoots™ in our economy, but also competition from China will kill us all and we are stagnant. We get contradictions, natter, titter, and bluster (also, pet peeve, it’s People’s Republic of China to use the name “they” use. Interesting that we call Eskimos Inuit but call Chinese Capitalists when they are Communfascists. However, the Inuit are cute and pile up stone to look like people but the Chinese give us plastic shit and glowing dildos…. ahem…. anyway….).
I have stopped talking about energy decline, or how our society has this or that systemic issue that has transformed this land from such and such a shit hole I was born in as much as I can. I try my best to remain quiet. I just drink myself silly exclaiming tit jokes and end people’s sentences with “in bed” and see if it is funny and make what little of conversation as I remember how. Rant on blogs. Read rants on blogs. In my spare time, I work to stock my kitchen with hand tools, teach myself a few gardening skills, and save money for a few more supplies. I am not sure if I am correct, but no Mr. Grasshopper, you may not partake of my ten year stockpile of beans and Tigers Milk. The New York Times looks down on the Prepers… preppers… those reality shows about idiots building bunkers, but maybe there is a little of that growing in all of us now what we increasingly see that not just a few bad apples, but every person in a power position lies and cheats us, using us like [your metaphor here] and [verb] us to the [participle of your choice].
photoA paper is written by a top professor from some university wrote an article on how the current anger against teachers is part of a larger anger in society at the breakdown in the social contract, the loss of accountability by bankers we can never meet taken out in piddling teacher we can see, stalk, and strangle for not teaching our little Damian/Cloe/Zoe/Moonunit to read a targeted passage so s/he/it can get into a good middle school so they can get into a good high school so they can get a good college a good advanced degree another advanced degree and continuing education and professional development afford private health care haveaproperfamilybuyanewcarandahouseandinvestandretirewitha401korperhaps401bandgetbenefitsandfinally die a fucking good death with either the words “sweet Jesus” or a whore’s sweaty muff on their lips, depending on their long cultural tradition or inclination or consumer choice that they could afford since they were reading at or near grade level in kindergarten and were able to afford a death of their choice….
However, we are told that the professor must be wrong since teachers are actually lazy and stupid and have The Summers Off ™ and we must log on to a College Board (how are these people a “non-profit”?) and standard-based education is the way of the world and if we are going to Compete With China ™ we need heaps of data to show us where little Juanny is reading in order to allow him to trounce an Asian out of a job one day. So, this is the way the world is, we are told.
A study comes out that has been conducted since 19somethingsomething that tracks teacher trends and social attitudes about education and claims that teacher job satisfaction is the lowest it’s been since 1987. However, at work I am told this study doesn’t matter and teachers need to, and I quote, “quit whining and do their jobs.” Said study, the effort of so many Dr. Somebody tossed under the bus like so many …. So many…. Whatever’s tossed under busses.
A study claims that teachers are dissatisfied with their jobs. Another study claims the Kidstheredays are not as green as their Boomer(clod) parents who, after being fed the wealth of a ravaged Europe and Asia then tore apart civic structures, safety nets, and society before passing it to their narcissistic whelps. Who in turn have no idea what civic means other than iSomethingorother. However, we can’t expect a study to be valid that employs a mere survey to high school and college kids to be valid, even if this has been used since 19bopshitsomething. I mean, if we expose those Kindergarten students to colleges by giving the little buggers tours and get ninth graders to select their college and major because every ninth grader knows who they will be at 18 and 24, that’s valid…
A former trader exposes the lying at his firm we all knew occurred, yet the only side presented on National (Socialist) Propaganda Radio is that of some schmuck who whines (see above) that this dude need not air dirty laundry in public but should have remained to change things from the inside… and dude on the radio was a former consultant for said firm so lowly reviewed by said upper employee (the 2.2 billion in value lost today did bring as much joy to me as the fears that the casino Foxwoods would go bankrupt).
For every thesis these days there is an antithesis. However, the antithesis is usually delivered by some fat or socially-politically connected or spray-tanned shit-for-brains who screams “NNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!” and stomps about like a Snookie in estrus mooing and meowing and peeing without any facts, rationale, nor evidence. The debate is not two sides, it is whatever side can toss poo poo, show tits, or just deny proof of whatever is at hand…. Except for the Holocaust Industry. Denial of that is a crime in Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Liechtenstein (that’s a country?), Lithuania, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Switzerland. But if you deny the Theory of Evolution…. That’s OK.
You may just make it to El Prezedent of the United States of Amerika my girl/boy.
The next voice you hear may be your favorite radio personality imploding with the weight of his own fat head. It may be Americas Top Modechidancmillionare. It may be KONY 2012/anti-KONY 2012. It may be the sound of the sort of news you believe because you pay to hear only what you want. It may be the sound of silence because you have worked hard to build a house where you never see your neighbors and now its been three months trapped under your plasma TeeVee and your hounds are looking awful hungry…. It may be the sound of the green shoots sprouting, but not the economic news many await as the next coming, but those little green spots appearing in paper cups or egg cartons that you are nursing, growing, hoping to plant because this year you’ll learn something about growing egg plant or canning tomatoes. And the rest of that technology-powered information, hyper media, various studies and sundry data….
And that’s just noise.
photo (2)

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