Doom Overload

Migration of the Plastic Bags Was Early This Year

There is an asteroid headed towards earth.  Thursday morning or Tuesday night?  There are earthquakes in the heartland.  Is this a trend?  What should I buy to keep my kids safe?  Can I reuse that duct tape from the potential terror attack or my old “go bag” that was packed for the… the other terror attack?  Was it Snomageddon?  Visiting the in-laws-?

Speaking of the kids, where are they?  Failing at Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM(tm)) while the Chinese poop out machines replacing humans as well as humans to replace us.  Our kiddies are dropping out of college and occupying this and that.  Will they riot?

Million dollar a game basket ball players are fighting for their “rights” against million dollar a broadcast hour team owners.  Which set of overpaid dribbling-balls-rapists will win?

Unions continue to hemorrhage membership and bargaining power but their ability to crank out purple or blue tee shirts made by Chinese children that say “Vote Local 1099” is unabated.

Demopublicans and Republocrats fight for the cameras looking all the more like the WWF players.  At any moment one of the Republicrats is about to put on a mask and another to use a folding chair to make a point and knock a Demopublican over the head.  The leftist press continue to see Hitler in each new Republicrat candidate, or farmer, or Palestinian or voter who wonders why our tax dollars go to Israel for arms but not to Gaza for medicine.   Sometimes the Left gets carried away and sees a vision of their Most Blessed Adolf (MBA) in toast or tea leafs or the puss that leaks from Rush Limbaugh’s neck.  Meanwhile the African/European-American president continues to take his tact from corporations and export our economy to Central American and Korea promoting “free market” while the Freemarketeers scream “socialist” at him.

We see doom in the economy.  It drags on as a mire of conflicting signs and indicators.  Blond talking heads tells us things are looking up…ish.  Upish.  Then, we are told we will all die if some bank/corporation/lender/CEO isn’t bailed out (the second round of bailouts  Franny Mac and the total failure of whatever NJ’s former governor leveraged 40:1 didn’t seem to make a blip in the MSM).

A new doom story comes out as often as we can refresh the browser on our RSS feed.  It’s Doom Overload for the Doomsters and potentially the worst sort of overload ever.  Defiantly the worst.  Ever.  Of Doom Overload.

The Mideast continues to swing from war to war, uprising to uprising and the maybe Apartheid maybe Regionsonlydemocracy is planning on sending a few Scud missiles into a hornet’s nest of potential nukular (sp) activity just to make certain that if we missed the last two End Of The World dates, we can still pencil in another one in our iCalendars before Chrinnakramakwanzadanmass.

There is a flood of doom data and EOTWAWKI material and little time to consider this flood.  For those who read and think, this is too much even with our filters on.  ….and for those who don’t think, the corn syrup/Lady Ga Ga/Oh my is that a Vagina sitting over there? provides the entertainment opium of the masses… of asses, to ponder and waste time with.

However, maybe the story is that doom is working its way into the minds of others.  Word is getting out that our money is fake, our economy fixed, our population way about capacity.  This summer we had several “five hundred year” floods just in the northeast.  In the south of this country, fires and more floods.  Several earthquakes.  Twisters (for Twisted Sister and Mike’s Twisted Tea see disambiguation).  And when one looks farther than our own greedy borders, it seems that Mother Nature no longer coyly shows us her ugly side (see hook, talon, and claw) but is now shitting into a cup and having us eat it with a spoon asking us why we believe in science, evolution, and natural selection but don’t believe in extinction when it comes to us….  We answer that we only believe in the TOE enough to get us out of going to Mass but don’t seem to think that the Laws of the Ape apply to our actual condition.  We have iEverythings, for Crisake, we can’t be bound by mass extinctions…..  This thought process may be not that strange, since we believe in the modification of animals and plants a la’ Monsanto to give us BBQ’s sized “chicken” “wings” and crunchy BBQ “style” “peanuts.”  However, we cry sanctity of life whenever some Darwinist takes their religion to the ultimate conclusion, and attempts to implement some kind of programme to manage population, increase biological traits that are beneficial — such as a smaller mouth and a genetic disposition to not fill that small mouth with Skittles(tm) and then go to right to sleep, and generally train us using hand signals, bells, and National Standards.  The human condition is to believe we are special, and then get mad when read to slow.  We either believe elevated by a G/g/o/d/d/es/ss/es to a state higher than that of the bug or believe scientific “data” shows our brain is so totally cooler than rat brain, and because of this aboveness state, are not bound by the laws of the elements.  We don’t see plastic bottles and think cancer.  We don’t look at complex systems and think failure, we believe the shit washing up on the beach comes from “litter bugs”  not realizing it comes from each and every one of us.  And there are seven (7) billions (7,000,000,000) of us.  Each, with a can of hair spray.

Along with believing that we occupy a space above the world, our condition must suffer an inability to believe anything, until it is too late.  And it is later than we think.  We just don’t know later for what….

Take your pick as to how this clusterfuck will come to a head.  There is so much to choose from.  The other guess is when it will come to a head.  Some call everyday “now” “now” “how about now” the same way that if you blow on a red light long enough, it turns green.  At this point, it seems that our “clusterfuck” is something is brewing.  If we just leave off the rest of the world, the seven billions eating, fucking, feeding and shitting humans, and consider Amerika, it seems that 2012 Mayan or not, will be a monumental year.  It has the potential to be a pivot point and I do think that while OWS is out of touch with how to run a revolution, it has what it takes to start one.  Add to this the already Craxy Tea Party, and the election season seems more than material for The Daily Show but perhaps a stone or two through your window, or, if you are smart, a stone or two you toss through your local International bank’s window.  It is, as we were told, a complex world.  What those tellers (parents, teachers, parents) did not know or made obscure, was that in an ever-increasing complex world, it is not math and science knowledge or high-stakes-high-test scores or not eating Skittles ™ and then rushing to sleep we need consider, but the fact that in such a system the failure points are ever as infinite.   That mystic potential we little formerly children were told we had in reaching for the stars now cut our hands as the points of those stars are barbs on fences keeping us out, if you believe the 99%ers, or in, if you listen to Dr. Ron Paul.

Perhaps in this overload that is the one point to consider.  How complex we have made the world.  Made the world.  Not how complex it has “become.”  The world is still the same shit it fucking was when it was made.  Water still runs, freezes, and vaporizes.  Outside of our ancestors the monkeys shitting in the forest, once we picked up a stone and made a tool of it, we no longer “become” the world, we make it. This making still does not allow us to set aside the world of water in its three forms.  However, we use our complexity to pretend it doesn’t.  It doesn’t get cold.  It’s Back To School Season(tm).  We believe in our boundless ability to out think water and innovate another layer of “complexity.” Our complexity is our religion and like every group of fanatics, we will see our G/g/o/d/s/es/ess/es are cold, distant, and have enough libations, incense, candles, and virgins thank-you-very-much so prepare for Smiteing (can I use a gerund for that?).

More than likely, whatever will break is not something currently in the news.  There is no coverup for this thing.  It is something we are not really considering.  We did not turn out a light.  We did not change the oil.  We left the toxic sludge pipe running.  The devil, as they say, is in the details, which is a strange way of also saying God is in the details.  And He (see above), has enough incense, candles, virgins, and libations.

One thought on “Doom Overload

  1. That was pretty smooth, a lot like Visible’s Origami or Petri Dish, but written with the gritty outrage of youth. It’s like something’s out of kilter but you can’t put your finger on it, or everything’s out of kilter, and you don’t have enough fingers. Perhaps its a primal, atavistically generated warning that something malignant is prowling just beyond the light of the campfire. From vague disquiet to heart-pounding fear, people can feel it…..something’s in the wind.

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