t e E_d of Knoelege

Knowledge has reached its zenith.  The line of the known universe has indeed created a circumference of ignorance as Plato had describe oh so long ago, however, this circumference of ignorance has finally reached the point of a Red Giant and having been pushed over the edge, has collapsed.  This collapse has brought about a singularity where ignorance – or stupidity – and knowledge have collapsed to form a point of anti-matter we may call k2I or just refer to as a subsection of a subsection of the screaming sucking void we are born out of and die into.  k2I has comingled at the subatomic level and now everything this trivia.  Factoids floating in space along with those pigs from that puppet show we watched at kids.  Indeed, knowledge of Smurfs and Federalism are now on the same level or relevance.  Robot Chicken and Frontline are indistinguishable.  There is no longer an either/or value of knowing or being stupid.  This is not an &, this is not with some truth there are lies or Yin Yang or anything that can be represented in our dimension other than our coming to understand that learning shit and knowing stuff has come to an end of utility.

Knowledge has itself become disposable.  It is no longer that thing that seemed to accumulate, leading mankind… ahem… humankind…  on a path to the stars in order to seek out new life forms and civilizations and boldly go where no man… ahem… human… has gone before.  Knowledge has rather become our undoing.  Our invention of chemicals and processes we cannot control and that damage our fish tank in ways we can no longer harness.  The Chinese character for “risk” is not also “opportunity” but “oh shit.”  It seems we are running Spaceship Earth right into the singularity and unlike the film The Black Hole, this will suck.  Actually.  That film sucked too.

The obsolesce of knowledge is upon us, and we wonder why the world seems to be falling apart.  This is not because we don’t have enough ideas, but because we finally have too many.  This is not because we have become dunces, but because we toss aside everything as soon as we invent it.  The Harvard Eight, the Cannon of literature, the Western Tradition have been replaced, and then replaced, and then replaced again, and again.  Does your ability to use DOS still impress the girls?  (Wait… it never did).  Does studying for eight years to become a Sovietologist still mean anything?  Every iteration of knowledge does not create another thread in an unbroken chain of human discovery, but is a refresh button, and further containing bunk and the k2I antimatter.  Learning things and knowing shit is similar to our buying cell phones.  We constantly have to update our phones (update software, computers, chips, adaptors, platforms, & c.) and what is our prize?  A pile of phone chargers, adaptors, and cradles gathering like dogshit in the corner of the park, yet unlike the dogshit it is, we horde this growing pile of adaptors and chargers expecting some use to be found or promise we will put out on e-waste day (except our municipality cancels it due to budget issues).  How many cell phones, computers, and peripheries have you been through in the past two years?  Ten years?  Did you get to plug in the last thing you bought before it was obsolete and no longer supported by Google this or iOS that?  This pile of phone products (or any old technology) is not going to be discovered by your grandchildren and they are not going to exclaim, “wow grandpa what a treasure trove of old tool,” this pile won’t make you more adaptable, more agile, more better, it will make a place for dust to nestle and maybe one day, a small compact subsection of the landfill… ahem… Transfer Station and Recycling Centre (which would be better called, Dump Your Shit Here So We Can Transport it To Africa to Dump It On The Ground There).  

Having last year’s knowledge has also become like that pile of dogshit you have in your desk drawer.  Except you have this pile of dogshit in your mind.  We invent shit, we have to learn it, and then we can just as quickly need to send it to the “recycling bin” (seriously, getting rid of your old documents into the computer’s “recycling bin” doesn’t mean that pile of poisonous shit you are looking at porn all day on isn’t going to be sent to some Third World Shit Hole so a child can bash it apart and burn it for the wires).  We are being forced at a greater rate to learn some new dogshit in order to make the work happen so we get the food stuff we can put in our face hole.  We don’t even have time to properly vet the dogshit to know it’s dogshit the way Brick And Mortar knowledge was constructed – if an idea lasted more than a century, it was considered a good thing to add to the pile of understanding – but we speed though thinking we’re all the better for stuffing our minds filled with useless information…. Supposed to drive our imagination…. I don’t think so.

The other month this author took time off of Facebook ™.  This month of isolation did not improve life, nor did it seem to hurt.  There was no less connection to people, there was no more.  The absence of the most important tool created in a generation, a company that is valued at billions, that has been applauded as the vehicle for democratic revolutions…  did not change much about my daily life as my body experiences it. This wealth of information and social connectivity has added little value to me except I found myself not doing things to post on Facebook™ but just doing it.  The exhibitionism that is native to my person was angered that there was no way to post endless pics about what a wonderful time I just had at XYZ doing some XYZ thing no one really cares about.  My mind was able to think about things in a pre-Facebook™ way and I listened to thoughts that had again become placed in my mind and then forgotten to oblivian where they belonged, no need to allow every synaptic fart to become part of the permanent status record each one of us dunderheads is creating out there on the interwebs and that will outlive us, or at least provide corporations the new Dead Souls they need in order to cook their books.

For this next month, this author is taking a similar break from news and information.  I have realized it is a pile of dogshit and is being sucked into the k2I hole.  There exists an overabundance of opinions as well as facts, and the data can prove such and such or such and such, and the progressive websites constantly uncover the issues that the MSM ignore, and MSM promotes a strange and sickly sticky capitalism and distorts every story to please their corporate interests and in the end it doesn’t matter because whatever you read or hear today will be replaced and replaced again as what is this second’s tweet is last minute’s twat.  It has been hard to ignore the news.  If the country really gets as fucked as it may after August 2 (we will get the last minute deal that cuts social programs and preserves corporate power), I will lose my house.  However, reading the news won’t inform me anymore.  Nor will I be able to do anything about it.  k2I has created a new dimension.  Some may claim this is willful ignorance, that I am just an ostrich sticking my head in the sand, however, ostriches don’t stick their heads in sand.  That was made up by Kippling who also made up the term “Fuzzy Wuzzy” and invented electric cars and was the first man on the moon and liked butter and shopped at Caldors, depending on which news source you read.  And now that that bullshit about Kippling is able to be found of google, wait for it to become used by some news source and become “true.”  

The most difficult part of this avoidance of news is that I didn’t realize how addicted to dogshit I was and how much more time and mental space I have.  I used to wake up and turn on the radio, read articles on the train, check certain papers online, read more articles on the way home, watch online services in the evening, watch documentaries or read links recommended by bloggers I enjoy.  All in the name of “understanding” all in the attempt to “know” and yet, leading to angst and anger, frustration, fear, anger, and again, anger.  That is not the truth.  That is not the way to live.  So, I am shutting the door and breaking my habit.  I have been clean for almost ten days. It is hard.  The news apps are on my phone.  The BBC, NPR, Al Jezera, and a few other less known outlets.  I avoid the free papers they hand out in the subway, or looking at headlines on the newsstands, or looking over the shoulder of someone reading such materials on the subway. 

Ignoring The “News”™ is my attempt to reclaim my mind.  I will explore a life lived with less infotainment, less learning, fewer sources of blah blah blah.  I will see if for a time I can live only investing in k2I no more than I have to in order to make the work happen so I can get the money to buy the food stuff, keep the shelter thing, and on occasion connivance a female to make the sex happen.  In the middle of all these wars, budget crisisesess, and dead entertainers, I have removed myself and now look out over the river as I ride the train upstate New York.  I have a paper-based old media thing in my bag I should really open, but can’t bring myself to.  The view is interesting.  Tarakovsky had made the above point more poetically when he said he was suspicious of knowledge because it never made man happier, only more discontent and distant from each other.  The billion dollar media empires won’t miss me, and today, my life hasn’t changed for missing them.  Perhaps ignorance is the new knowledge.

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