Facebook Fascism

When Fascism  comes to the American shore it will be blah blah blah wrapped up in a meow, meow, meow.  We use the term “fascism” a great deal when we aren’t saying “Hitler” or “Nazi” since those terms are the last remaining taboos in our culture where we have made Jesus and Santa cartoon characters on South Park and seen to it that everything is on the table… except for “nigger.”  So it’s “Hitler,” “Nazi” and “Ni… Nig… NigIdontwantogetfiredforpostingonsocialmediasoIlljustnotsayit….  Those of all words remain the ultimate “c-words” in a society.  We call those we disagree with (left, right, and center) “Nazis” or compare people of all faiths and skin colours as “like Hitler” publicly and privately perhaps whisper that we agree with Chris Rock, we have no problem with “black people,” it’s just “all the goddamn ni…. na… n….”  We can go through Mark Twain with as much white out as we wish, we cannot rid ourselves from the past crimes of slavery, nor bring ourselves to pay its debt.  As the Germans in their museums have carefully redacted all images of the swastika we have become the the good soldier schweik in obeying – perhaps Andre the Giant’s image truly teaching us to obey.  It is interesting that the New York Times was distributing some dusty old Nazi propaganda in the hopes of identifying the people and places in a photo journal the Time’s owner was hoping to unload for “six figures” and pay off some medical bills, since said individual collector was already bankrupt it seems.  I reflected on my own Nazi photo journal that I came across when I was a kid and rescued out of some pile of books that, no pun intended, were slatted to be burned.  I was like, “damn, why am I not lucky enough to have a picture of Hitler in my album?”  If only I had the gates of Treblinka I’d be rich.  Which is sad.  However, we are being taught every day that war is peace, freedom is slavery, and the implements of death whether arms  for our current expansions or relics from past dictatorships and military adventuring.  It is a sad state of affairs that 400 billions over these past four years for our wars and Hitler’s picture remain a high commodity.

However, who were the fascists?  We are sold an image of the “Nazi” as a memory that we constructed after the war and have since believed in with increasingly hard orthodoxy.  However, what was a fascist?  Or who?  Simple people living in apartments.  Fathers and mothers raising children on the edge of town.  Those apathetic folks in the market who thought, “well, this thing may work” and continued their shopping buying pork assholes and meal worm bread as their lives slowly flushed down the drain.  Hardworking people were fascists.  School teachers were very often fascists.  Business directors and nobodies.  Some have said that the singular vision of the National Socialist German People’s Party was an answer to the thirty-two party system that had sprung up after the War to End All… I mean, WWI.  It is strange that this example is one that many bring up as to why were are safer to “enjoy” a “two party” system.  I remember one summer program in an English university where one of the program adjuncts, a woman who lived in the United States but was originally from Germany was complaining about not enough representation in of women in history departments.  She said that there was a lack of diversity and this would lead to a lack of creativity and competitive ideas (ok, maybe I made up the “competitive ideas” part).  When the conversation turned to our failed two party system in our nation she almost spat.  It was Germany that had a multiparty system and we can see how that worked out.  I wondered about the lack of creativity and all that.  “NO!” she frothed, “Der Two Party system is Der bestagaten in the verld vor Amerika!”  While one small interaction in an ocean of humanity, this exchange has not left me, and in the past decade, has become more relevant – especially as our “two” parties merge under the interests of those same powers that funded those Brown Shirts, the special interests, industry, and the forces which, some leftist foolio once described as “capitalists backed into a corner.”

Today’s fascism as Richard Rorty once said of theories, does not march in the streets.  It Tweets.  It makes Che tee shirts.  It is diverse in brands, skin hues, and languages.  However, it is singular in its vision.  Fascism in many ways was the modern state of being.  The loss of the individual to the collective.  In the past, this was a uniform and the one people one state and they did funny marches and did that whole “heil Hitler” salute.  Today, fascists have learned to speak a thousand languages and let everyone under the big tent, as long as they check their individual ideas at the door, you may friend them on their Facebook(tm) page.  You can have a “fuck you” Tasmanian Devil Road Runner Porky Pig tattoo it you’d like, but you pay taxes not the corporate owners.  You can have a hat of brown, black, or any colour, but not enjoy stability in your labor.  You may not have deeper choices other than what you buy or, since you may be unemployed, wish you could buy.  The collectivization is the corporate state where profits are private and losses made the public debt.  It is our having to pay the way of men and women who are not making anything all day then tax shelters off shore and playing Angry Birds.  While we think we are free to make choices, more rights are taken away from the individual and given over to the collective.  This is not government take over of hospitals or socialism, but the opposite.  Fascists are collective, want to control every aspect of life from cradle to grave – and if your child doesn’t get into the right kindergarten these days s/he/it won’t attain a nice coffin.  After all, in a global fascist world, little Johnny is competing with everyone on the planet.  Except that those other people live 16 to a room and shit in a fetted hole.

Our “two” parties claim to support Main Street, yet in the past few months three businesses have closed on the actual Main Street I actually live on while The Ben Bernak continues to print money and The Goldman Sachs profits.  The closing of small businesses owned by real people who live real lives is OK with the parties, since real people are easily replaced with immortal “people.”   Immortal people are better for campaign contributions.  The messy personal often eccentric businesses such as the “mom and pop” variety are replaced by the clean modern Albert Speer planned cities, the clean lines of Neo Realism, the same city with the exact same stores built up again and again over our landscape, each four corners with four brands of drug stores, four gas stations, or four junk food establishments on our farms and fields and every landscape in the world, or at least whichever we’ve signed NAFTA, WTO or WTF.

I am about to shop online for some shit I need made by some dude who is right now digging rare earth out of a wet hole as he wears rags.  Who are the fascists?  If we don’t resist.  Maybe we are.

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