As-Salāmu`alaykumu New World

This video I am posting is from older footage shot by sister when she was on a trip with my grandparents a few years ago.  She stayed in the hotel, could see the bridge, and even the square all in the news of late.  My grandfather was an avid collector of Egyptian antiquities after the War.  All of this collection was donated to various museums.  He was able to walk through the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City Egyptian collection saying in his heavy Hungarian accent, “I had one of those… I had a nice one of those, but half of it was stolen… some guy tried to sell me one of those in 1949 but I was never was into that period… too gaudy….”  My sister said of her experience that Egypt was like another world.  The hotel was first class, and the alleyway behind it “was not filled with poor villagers in colourful dress poverty, but rotting-donkey-carcass-trash-heap with children playing in mud and starving people sitting in corners waiting to die” poverty.  They traveled in tourist buses, always accompanied by armed police, and always monitored by the secret police and a tourist detail that did not allow them to wander from the official sites or official explanation of the state of suppression.

I originally edited this video as a commentary on the Iraq War.  And as part of a larger work I titled Born on Short Notice, a reflection on life starting with .001 and working up to a full “1.”   As will all works in process, this is unfinished.  Nevertheless, I felt it a good time to send it once again out into the ether of the Internets.

Today, the world has seen a great event – and it will be months or more before we can see what direction this day takes, or what the fall out will be for the region, or us here at home.  Whatever it is, As-Salamu alaykumu new world….

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