Demopublicans and the Fall of the Republicrat

The Democrats and the Republicans give the illusion that there are differences between them. This keeps the public divided. It weakens opposition. We fight over whether a Democrat will get elected or a Republican will get elected. We vote for the lesser evil, but meanwhile the policies the two parties enact are not significantly different. There were no Democrats willing to hold the line on single-payer. Not one. I don’t see this changing until we radically shift the balance of power by creating a larger and broader social movement.

Dr. Flowers – Proponent of Universal… ahem, single payer healthcare

Und Du?

There is a growing concern that the balance of power has eroded around us and that our liberty has fast vanished to corporatists (lower case “l” rather than Tea Party(TM) “Liberty(TM) uppercase “L”).  This is not an Alex Jones’s paranoia-filled transfer of power from free, sovereign citizens to FEMA Camps run by the United Nations, space lizards tricking us to Obey blindly, or that our financial system under the hypnotic sway of a New World Order run by
1. Jews
2. Freemasons
3. [your conspiracy here.  Yeah that one]
But a loss of private control over public governance and personal finance.  The waters are rising with the tide and we just build our house… In…. In that place, the tide comes in, but rather than being raised like “all boats” our hearth of home is fast vanishing beneath choppy dreary waves.

The tide rising is systemic change to how we interact with our political interests, and how we are no longer in control of the financial instruments whether they are paper, plastic, or bits of data.  A geological force that has taken years of pressure and while the earth under our feet seems stable, an earthquake is in the works and change will be fast upon us.  This change will alter how we do business, are employed, and our national life.  Those horrors we have kept from our shores since the depression (social unrest, labor riots, hunger, political coups attempts – yeah, they used to live here) are coming home from a long vacation in other lands, and they did not relax on bit while overseas but are angry, sunburned, and want revenge.

This is not to say that this call to arms has just arisen.  The historically minded among us can find that many people have been complaining or fearing or otherwise making trouble for years.  For some, this historical precedent of people calling for the end times, crash, loss of [your private cause here], erosion of [your favorite part of the Constitution here] has given comfort that nothing has changed except the cast of characters since Vietnam, and if you look at the august halls of government, not even this has changed.  The same hacks fighting the same battles like some Hindi Upanishads transfixed in a universe of timeless cycles.  We don’t even bother to find new names for events anymore.  We attach “gate” or “gate” or “gate” to anything newsworthy in such a fucking predictable manner there is a wiki page for this.  Yes, nattering chattering classes of Nix Nab Nets or [The country we invaded or plan to] is the Next Vietnam(TM), our frei press cannot recognize non-gate scandals or issues.

This lack of creativity has led to the merging of the formerly two political parties into a single entity.   This merger has been a long time building.  Why not, in this age of mega-banks, mega-marts, and fat overflowing bellies, not meld these two corporations?  They have the same interests.  I propose this new fat baby in the room is called the “Demopublicans” and that a huge, fat People Of Walmart Baby be their hallmark.  Events in the past few weeks have cemented this union.  The latest series of policies from the White House regarding taxation, corporate bailouts, and stacking of the courts to reflect a single party long in the making.

This single party has only the monied classed in their interest.   The economic degeneration at hand is intentional, not part of some financial meltdown outside of their control.  The Demopublicans represent a nation of Citizen’s United and Comme Positatus answer to those with the immortal powers of corporate person-hood.  The Demopublicans are not beholden to the robber barons of old, the Vanderbilts, the J.P. Morgans, who could and did one day die, but a “personhood” that cannot be struck down or have a single head.  The corporate interests go beyond the profits of good business practice, or hard investment, but seek short-term profit using fake economies, building a shadow government perpetuated outside of democratic control (if that exists still – see End of Democracy) or personal responsibility of stakeholders or directors.  Demopublicans are the succubi of unnatural entities – abominations reminiscent of  Revelations 17:5 ( I just wanted to quote Rev. 17:5 there is no connection) or copied out of the Zombie Apocalypse films.  Even in the MSM call “zombie” as in “Zombie Banks” and “Zombie Industries.”  From this Zombie/Harlot of Babylon crowd of creatures the corporatist entity Americans are in the hands of a strong single-party…. we find ourselves at a junction where Americans are asking “do we need a third-party?” when we should be asking “should we have a two-party system?  Again….”   Meanwhile, Demopublicans are shilling for banks, bonus, and bombs an administration resplendent with a continuation of thirty years of attacking the American people, less the malapropism or deliberate misuses of the English language.

We Rule you, We fool you, We shoot you, We eat for you

The events foretold by so many loonies that our government is “fascist” is today upon us.  Today, now, as we live right this moment, what we are experiencing is fascism. It seems strange, almost Glenbeckian to say.  Like, today, the thing I was taught that only crazy people say… is true.  Our rational minds cannot grasp this thought because we have had it educated out of us by… fascists?  Also, we don’t want to be associated with Team Loonie.  Team Loonie smells, lives in the woods, has websites with bad graphics and layouts that are like, what the shit were you thinking son?  Also, we generally don’t understand fascism since it’s most branded form Nazism(tm) wholly owned by the Holocaust Industry and swapped about by Tea Party propagandists and filmmakers who are out of ideas for action films and don’t seem to understand that ILSA, SHE WOLF OF THE SS just can’t be remade.

We cant’ seem to rap our heads around the notion that fascists are not only in black and white, speak only German, nor need commit to Antisemitism as we are taught again and again.  They were a political financial system of control creating a closed state system where industrial interests triumphed over the of the civic space and this new polis regulates  every aspect of a person’s daily life creating a seamless experience of branding, buying, and passive acceptance from cradle to grave.  A good pile of their rhetoric sounded like what we have – consumerism, highways, vacations.  Much of the lesser quoted texts from Nazis went “Although this is just the beginning, 52,000 men are already employed on the construction of these new roads, and another 100,000 men are employed at construction sites, in supplying the building trade industry with materials, and in bridge construction.. blah… blah… blah…”

Sounds very similar to Obama’s own “Infrastructure has the benefit of for every dollar you spend [on infrastructure], you get a dollar and a half in stimulus because there are ripple effects from building roads or bridges or sewer lines. But the problem is, is that blah blah blah” but this rhetoric does not make him Hitler nor Fritz Todt (Generalinspektor für das deutsche Straßenwesen) nor the Demopublicans the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei because unlike “journalists” of today, one cannot just attach “gate” to something and have it cleverly reference something that, like,  totally happened before.  The hazard of that thought is that unless the new thing looks exactly like the old thing, we may dismiss any lessons from history as we also pervert the philosophy of historical thought.  Our current fascism isn’t something entirely new, but it’s not a revival of historical details.  The fascism of today is at the economic-social level.  The guts of our current system.  It is dressed in Nikes, Tee Shirts, and Prada not brown shirts, nor marching parties, and Obama’s so called “socialism” and “government control” is so far off the mark calling Obama “Hitler” or considering Social Security as a “Nazi institution” has been given over to Team Loonie just to make them happy.

This fascism has been seen in our fall of our republic not to a global governance, but to institutions that have global reach and zero national interests. They have the ability to convert every aspect of our daily lives, civic interactions, and spectrum of thought through channels acceptable of a status quo that weakens traditional institutions of democracy as they destroy traditional forms of Western Enlightenment ideals.  The fascism of today needs not a strong government of goose stepping cartoon characters.  It is here now, with Departments of Homeland Security, Boarder Control, and Treasury, as it also has Goldman Sachs, Countrywide (opps, they’re gone), and the Chamber of Commerce.  We move towards a social system alien to our landscape as it is foreign to our ideas, a more structured utopia of disposable free agents empowered to be “their own boss” yet cut off from channels of power, education, and social movement.  Our public spaces are littered with corporate logos so today one cannot even take a shit because brown is trademarked.  The Wikipedia… uh… gate?  Affair?  Question? Ah, yes, dump has shown that governments need not do the dirty work of blocking information because the fascism of today the corporate and government interests are united.  The pulling of the website, the removal from funding by Paypal (who if I remember also blocked United for Peace and Justice as well as several other anti-war organizations), the refusal to have transaction honored, the bank, were all private.  They have “user agreements” none of us can or ever will vote for.  As these interests circle the wagons, the non-shadow government – aka, the government – is keeping on in their development of a police state.  The FBI is currently and aggressively prosecuting anti-war organizations but this is not from the Demopublican Patriot Act, but revisions to the law in 1996 when the nation was firmly in Demopublican hands.  Wikileaks dump (dumpgate?) would be welcome by no sitting administration, however, there is not a strong backing from L-Worders or Progressives within the power structure.  Even the reformers are beholden to competitive grants and corporate underwriters.

Please Leave a Message

And the public?  They have been taught by the MSM to fear anything resembling journalism.  Mom and Pop businesses?  In an age of mega-congloms, there is little actual diversity in business.  This pulling of the plug on Wikileaks only represents – illustrates – the change in times.  Wikileaks will be the flag of the Demopublicans in their attack on net neutrality.  Free ideas and expression will be blocked in a way far more elegant than Goebbels, Edward Bernays, or Mao’s minions could have dreamed.  Stalin and his police state, the Stazis, the oppressor d’jour from country of your choice look like silly children with their steaming open envelopes at late night letter reading vodka fests, following people around in private cars, crummy black and white pictures of people leaving apartment blocks, when corporate America can scan your e-mail and web history and compare it to millions like you, look into your hard drive for illegal music or videos, track your every movement on the Internets, and you as a fool upload all your pictures and movements for them onto various social networks and picture services that are never deleted.. or are they? And this is not even the government, but pornography websites, Google ad banners, face book analytics, and countless other clever tools created to make sure you wake up, go to work (if you have a job) come home and in the meantime buy the shit [little children and woman] are creating for you in China as you rest your head humming the tune you heard: in the elevator, gas station bathroom, supermarket, your fillings are picking up.

By identifying the merger of the Demopublicans into one super party with so many affiliates it is better to understand the fall of our Republicrat.  We can stop calling “sell out” to one party or the other or be shocked that you matter less than a corporation’s rights, or a rich person’s free speech.  You can sign letters to congress, you can go to a teach in, you can write a dumb blog (ouch, but have to hold up the mirror sometime), but in the face of this coming wave, these are silly acts similar to steaming open envelopes and reading letters to and from Aunt Bertill in some late night vodka drenched bunker.  So… As Lenin said, What is to Be Done?  At least when he asked that, he had a very long, complicated, and ultimately dumb idea…. but, we’re not even there yet.

Chris Hedges, one of the remaining few L-Worders, said that “Our worst premonitions are becoming reality. Our intuition has proved correct. We are reaching the breaking point. An explosion, unless we halt the increased pressure, seems inevitable.”  Depressing words or a call to arms?  Creativity is not the pride of a dog backed into a corner.

Editor’s Note: this post was lightly edited in 2016 but most of the grammar mistakes are basically called for and intentional even where they’re not.



One thought on “Demopublicans and the Fall of the Republicrat

  1. Thanks. Great post.

    As we pee into cups, hand over our fingerprints, line up for naked scanners, etc., you still hear people say, “We’re on the road to losing our freedoms”.
    On the road???
    They monitor us on the internet, on the road, at work and at the town square, and “Soon” it’ll be pretty repressive around here!
    They are busily switching every voting place out to voting machines, easily programmed to announce which favored corporate shill candidate they have chosen got the most votes, from those people still deluded enough to march off the the booths every couple of years.
    And “soon” we’ll be losing our democracy.
    Free speech areas miles from the action, lines of heavily armed police, preventive detention, government entrapment, and “soon” we’ll be losing our civil rights.
    I would like to recommend the book “They Thought They Were Free” by Milton Mayer, to you. The title refers to the Germans living under Hitler. Kind of like Americans today.

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