From Fallujah to Fuck You (song)

Media Smashup

We’re taught these days that the world is interconnected.  We are told this new age of wonder brings us information and knowledge and innovation.  Our technology allows information to connect us at a greater rate and innovation innovation innovation at every turn.  However, Prince (the purple musical guy) and Wired Magazine have both said the “internet is over/dead,” and our system of massive tubes are filled with shit.   If you follow the trail, we are indeed connected, however, connected by shit may be also true.  Take Youtube.  More footage is uploaded to the Youtube in three days that the entire film industry has created in seventy years.  That’s a lot of birthday parties, kittens in trees, and bike tricks.  If you follow the “related videos” links we are indeed connected all the way from Al Qaeda in Iraq to… the Fuck You Song.

Here follows the transcript of last night’s journey of “related videos” through the interwebs starting with the last thing I watched, an Al Qaeda propaganda video, and working backwards through teen girls in bras, UFO sightings, Bloopers, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, animal videos, all the way to the first thing I watched – the Fuck You Song.

Last video watched:

حرب الفلوجة

Battle for Fallujah

Inside Vietnam: Battle at Ia Drang

The War In Iraq

Bang You’re Dead

Machine Gun Shoot Fernan Lake 7-7-07: Shooting uzi mp5

50 Cal Machine Gun

Blond Girl Shooting AR-15!

Police dash cam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada

UFO Footage October 22nd 2008

Real UFO Footage Not To Be Missed

Spooky photo proves life on Mars?


SWINE FLU H1N1 VaCciNe “The Truth”

Ron Paul about the Swine Flu People die from the Vaccines not from The Flu

Obama Is Trying to Ruin America More with Universal Health Care

Why We Need Government-Run Universal Socialized Health Insurance

autotune Charlie Bit Me

Baby Skates Sessions

The Lion Sleeps Tonight – Hippo SInger

John Lennon – so this is christmass

John Lennon – Imagine


Red Hot Chilly Peppers

Bol d’or 2008

La Machine a burn


Accident 4L!!!

Delire en Renault 4L 4X4

Swimming Pool

We’re Lovers&friends

Chatch it!

Sexy Girl 98

Silly Animal Photos

Dog Raping Cat to Porno Music

Animal Sex!!!!!! so funny J

Cat betrayed his girlfriend! Sex! Heat! Rage!

Woman Dumping Cat in Rubish Bin

First Video Watched: The Fuck You Song


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