Bug Out or Dig In?

photo(5)Doomsters all over are asking questions.  To Bug Out, to Dig In?  To listen to Doomsters and all the shitsgoingtofallapartanymonth theories and conversation it sounds like this movement of thought is growing.  People commenting on the doomsters are asking questions.  Is this just a fad?  Are “Bug Out” and/or “Dig In” theories just a collective reaction to the large-scale social stress of an increasingly uncertain United States as UFO sightings may have been to the generation afraid to love the SOVIET bomb?

Many of those commenting on doomsters say,”this all happened in the 1970’s and the neo-survivalists and back-to-the-landers and nothing happened,” and scoff at the various cheesy websites and photocopied books.  Critics of Doom say “this is a reaction to the waning of American power,” that the gloom and doom is embraced by a mostly white audience (and male) who collectively are reacting to the end of the White American Man / White America and “Bug Out or Dig In” (BOODI) are reactionaries whose motives can be explained by the theories of so many Raceclassgender (RCG) studies programs you took in college .  The majority of the RCG crowd feel there is nothing to fear but fear of Hope and Change and that everything will be so much better when gay homosexuals can marry (Gender), we teach Tagalog Ebonics in elementary schools (Race [maybe linguistics?]), and organic food can be bought with food stamps (Class… or about as close to a class-based discussion as the RCG want to get since they usually are the… um, the disaffected and ne’re-do-wells of the ruling class).  Anything other than our current set of distractions – ahem – issues is nothing more than fantasy.  The EOTWAWKI is then actually a RCG study in itself.  Whites are the dominant group embracing this, poor whites, and man whites.  However, maybe there is something that the Babyboomers don’t want to face, the educated multi-culti crowd fears and the Internets Generations cannot fathom (since non-pixulated worlds are not the latter’s forte).  Maybe Women’s College can actually launch a class in this.   Perhaps there is something to this study….

BOODI solutions to EOTWAWKI can be seen as a manifestation to social anxiety.  Indeed, the different strategies can tell as much about the world we will live in – whether the EOTWAWKI happens according to schedule or not and the world we will live in, whether EOTWAWKI happens at all.

Amongst the Doomsters are the Bug Outters (BO).  Indeed a great many Whitemen are BO some of them are feer’ed of Obama, or coloureds, or are lacking in funds to remove themselves from the horrid world of strip malls and are angry at this world of meaningless crap, are not interested in returning to traditional crap (organized religion, etc) and live pay check to pay check (it costs money, a great deal of money to get 1. food without corn syrup, 2. property outside of the pale of stripmaldom, 3. even more money to live a life where you avoid piped in music, advertisements, and the blipvert bombardment – the Admen and women of Adbusters just don’t seem to get that).  Perhaps BO are just Mad As Hell And Aren’t Going to Take It Anymore (MAHAAGTIA) and this group bitch a lot, perhaps go to Tea Party events, and generally are buying guns and burring them.  That’s good for the local gun shops.  Even better for generations who will find guns in the damnedest places.  the majority of BO will Bug Out in one way or another when shit falls apart – globally, nationally, or personally, such as running out of unemployment checks and having no safety net.  This group, in their own individual ways, perhaps even clumsy moves, are preparing for… something.  The BO crowd is buying land and planting traps.  They are making plans to separate from neighbors, learning to survive in the smallest units.  It takes a short walk around the internets to see all the guides to hiding guns.  A friend told me about his boss who managed to plant several high-powered guns in his house strategically aligned with steel I beams so that “they can use metal detectors and still can’t take [his] guns.”  Good idea.  Good well thought through crazy idea, but an idea nevertheless.  The BO crowd are changing the landscape or rural America into an armed camp waiting to Go Postal (GP).

Dig In (DI) Doomsters read too much and actually do the math behind the various climate, oil, environmental collapse, population, and so forth Doomster curves.  They are generally college educated.  They are the ones creating Doomster “current events” book shelves at the local booketerias.  While DI’s have jobs, vote, have brunch, they are as close to hippies as we have gotten in the past twenty-five years.  If a DI is not reading a book on DI they are writing about DI.  Perhaps they blog.  They are trying to figure things out.  They may be buying books about buying guns.  Thinking about gardening.  Maybe even gardening a little here and there.  This crowd tends to shy away from full-frontal Doomsterism.  They want to keep their Sheeple friends, Families, and are not ready to drop out.  These are people who can afford to buy all the more expensive composers.  They are thinking about land in Vermont, perhaps getting out West.  A few of them have really dropped out and are already leading more simple lives perhaps.  They are already digging in perhaps by farming, joining CSA’s or working at CSA’s, WWoofing, and indeed may bring Mother Earth News and Mother Jones back from the verge of obsolescence.  They are Digging In.  They may gather in social groups to brew beer or talk electric generators, talk about buying land, and are seeking connections to others, whether the EOTWAWKI occurs on or close to schedule.

Then there are people like this:  I met a girl a few months ago who I will call Zoe.  Zoe is studying in a program that teaches about food – the social and cultural aspects of food.  She is working organizing a huge black tie even to support City Run (read State Run) farmer’s markets.  She studies about how truffle pate impacts local and regional cultures.  Or something like that.  She has never planted a plant, grown a tomato or seen one cow turd.  Her brother is a big activist trying to pass the boondoggle of Cap and Trade, a system of pogs that allow corporations to do what they’re already doing but having to pay a new circle of the ruling class in order to do so.  He flys about the country and trots the globe discussing carbon foot print.  He lives an activist “rock star” lifestyle – not considering the fuel that he burns to do so.  Oil is no problem for the family.  Zoe’s family is involved in oil and has been for generations.  The kids it seems are rebelling a bit to talk farms to their parents.  One day she will help large agribusinesses, maybe even Monsanto, to buy up organic farms and regulate farm stands and back yard gardens to keep the public safe and find a way to make it so that farmer’s markets are more organized and profitable.  Meaning, illegal for the small farmer/ gardener.  Zoe’s brother will regulate corporations in the United States and make them pay an extra tax on polluting so that several new governmental agencies can be founded.  Regulations will favor larger corporations who can pay to off-set their pollution and lobby to bend rules so that they don’t stop polluting, they just off set it.  The funds gathered by this carbon off set will be directed to several large think tanks so they can discuss green energy and hold forums in resorts, competitive grants to non-profits to innovate or teach high school students about somethingorothercow, and educate the consumer about being an educated consumer.

All these people are building their worlds among the Sheeple, whether the EOTWAWKI happens according to schedule or not.  We’ll just have to see which vision of the EOTWAWKI wins.

2 thoughts on “Bug Out or Dig In?

  1. if the pre-holocaust citizens of poland and their neighbors had been able to come up with a combined when the shit hits the fan plan,the nazis may have had a little more trouble taking out 6 million people….just a thought.

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