Managment By Accident

We have threats everywhere. Because of this we are in a constant state of war.
There is a war on terror.
A war on drugs.
A war on crime.
On obesity.

However, our greatest destabilization comes not from external forces, or social ills caused by actors outside living on the fringe of society and eating road kill from which they then create a bestselling cookbook…  Neigh…. The threats come not from loners in cabins writing manifestos, reprobates sitting about filthy couches cooking up junk.  Not from caves in the mountains yet to be fitted with a Best Western.  Not from trailer parks and the depths of Doritos ™ bags, munching men in multicoloured wife beaters.  The threat comes from the economic masters of the universe – and their primary source, Harvard and Yale. And there will be no war on the MBAs.

Harvard MBA (and their brethren… and sisteren) and Yale MBA graduates hold not all, but a sizable proportion of top positions in industry. These New American Wo/M/en have reinvented the corporation as a new super creatures as well as setting the tone for so much of the “management porn” spewed out as seminars, TED Talks, books, and content for this or that financial news outlet. The thick and heavy brand of BS created by this class is then consumed verbatim by the lesser MBAlings, the NYU Stern, the Cuthbert State Universities, the Online MBA-n-Mores of this world who having neither breeding nor a Humanities education, cannot firstly think for themselves.  Emboldened by a teaming mass of bourgeois specialists who seem to think that only the little guy pays taxes and whatever is good for business is good for their bottom line – whatever the true costs are because those costs are passed on to the tax payer – the ideas of “growth” as eternal and “profit” as moral is spread across the landscape.  The Type AAA personalities, the go-getters, have infected the nation and the world with a casino mentality and taken company after company that has been around for decades – even a century or more – and run it into the ground under one watch – and it seems the more degrees are turned out by our top universities, the farther we slide into economic and industrial collapse.

Many are starting to notice.  To ask if the MBA isn’t actually bad for business, and if Harvard is perhaps the chief culprit in denigrating the economy and gutting our work force.  Is Harvard, and MBAs the real force behind our nations ills?  Would we be in other countries causing war and mayhem had it not been for a mass of these educated driving us there – without a plan, to benefit Xe (former Blackwater), Exxon, and others?  Have our Israel obsessed Harvardites sent over billions of dollars of support for a nation that should sink or swim on its own merits rather than our explicit support (and again, tax dollars) of pro-Israel policies that have only resulted in blowback up to and including the attacks of 9/11?  Have our Harvard MBAs prevented true American growth by supporting a fake “free trade” in the form of NAFTA and other agreements where our educated population is competing with nations that pen their workers in like dogs and pay them in rice and water?  Is the war on drugs not the employer of countless security forces both private and government, private rehabs, prisons, and while waged as a “war” isn’t the drug trade a truly free market libertarians should be cuming in their paints over since – the market is totally unregulated, prices are set by demand, and profit is tax free?  Do our Harvard MBAs keep pushing to deregulate themselves while using our own tax dollars and a different set of regulations to punish independent farmers, lobbyists who want to see organic farming illegal, and laws that benefit the short-term profits of Monsanto and frankenfood, the very corn syrup that is enlarging our waists and filling our heads with passive serotonins creating an army of slug people who can just about press a/b/a/b start/select/start/select on their consoles but little else?

There has and will always be people who rob, cheat and abuse (that is part of human nature).   However, are many crimes caused by under-employment, loss of community, no stability (such as with working families)?  How much of these social illnesses come from our captains of industry treating the nation as an inconvenient and troublesome tradition launched in 1776 and which they, as part of the New American Man (the corporation), must free themselves?  Social programs and institutions are gutted to make way for the super highway of profits hidden in off shore accounts and to which the same MBAs have figured how to profit from these ills though private prisons, private for-profit college, and for profit security forces?  Who is prevent prison reform so that those who commit crimes are actually rehabilitated and not sent back out to repeat or enlarge their crimes having gone to what amounts as a training camp for criminals.

How is it that so many grand companies, ones that have taken decades to build have fallen apart at the same period that more and more MBAs are minted?  Coincidence, perhaps.

This writer could only wonder, each time he passed through the Yard of Haavaad, which dunder head and destructive thinker was being newly minted.  What danger was I in passing though those grounds so filled with young people who were better than me, smarter than me, and going to introduce to our nation another cost saving measure or boondoggle (private or public) that further withered the nation by privatizing profits and creating greater public debt?  Harvard, then, is a greater threat than five pizza delivery guys thinking they’re going to blow up a military installation with a few zip guns.  As this summer progresses, the nation may come to face a hard landing.  Our educated have turned against us.  They want new systems, new ways of doing things, yet there is increasing failure of our current systems and those that have been launched and that will be launched in the name of competition, free market, and case studies, are falling apart quickly- some before they even get off the ground.

Today at a high level meeting discussing a several million dollar cut, and elder among upper management said, “we’re constantly asked to do more with less, but the reality is, we can only do less with less.  We are in unprecedented crisis.”   A younger woman, educated and appearing rational exclaimed, “the Chinese word for opportunity and crisis are the same.  We have to look at this crisis for opportunity, for innovation, and allow innovation to inspire people to work smarter.”  Crisis?  Opportunity?  Yes, when the herd is driven off the cliff by the wolves there is a crisis for the herd.  For the vultures and maggots, an opportunity.

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