Signs of the Times

It is almost every day that a new story comes across the wire that can form the basis of – this is the tipping point.  The Doomsters, the TEOTWAWKI crowd, Peak Oil freaks, and Tea Baggers all jump on the next big thing that tells us their thesis is correct.  Whether this thesis is “I am right and you are wrong” or “buy gold from that ad in the back of Penthouse” or get Cash For Gold by mailing it in an envelope with no proof of what was inside the news seems to be in hyperdrive in producing these “signs.”

No need to even list them.  Ok.  Perhaps a short jog down memory lane – that is, the past few months.  Earthquakes, volcano, algae bloom, (Communist) protests inThailand, increased violence in The Iraq, more troops being killed in Afghanistan, drug war being outsourced to Mexico where lives are cheaper (who in turn are sending it to Guatemala and points south), flood in Nashville (didn’t catch that one, eh?) that will cost billions, coming summer of crop failure (maybe I just made that one up), and of course the Oil Well Deepwater Horizon.  It is the Deepwater Horizon which may as well be called Event Horizon or Deepshit Horizon because of all of these hum drum disasters (and more not listed), this oil gusher may very well be the tipping point for this nation, if not impact the world (except China who isn’t even experiencing a recession or unemployment it seems).

This doesn’t mean TEOTWAWKI.  No.  Not that interesting.   However, added to the already bad economy (the system itself not the buying of this or that product), corrupt banking industry, and government that is both expanding and melting away at the same time (not sure how this is happening but leave it to the government to come up with this process), and now a creeping cancer that will infect the coast, too slow for the news cycles.

That is the real disaster of this event.  The actual disaster is too slow for the news and blipverts to follow.  Hence, it will fade and has – at least the NYT that bastion of corporate America has only stories about what may or may not be happening and no independent photos, no embedded journalists, or any real in-depth reporting that may scare away their Captains of industry and make the middle class readership forget how important Raceclassgender is for a moment.  The creeping crud – actually crude, is out there and massing for an assault on the shores and worse.  The bottom of the ocean – a place already suffering from lack of publicity but which is nevertheless kinda needed for this whole living planet thing we stand on and are pissing away.  This spill is so huge, it should be the only thing we talk about.  However, it lacks that human interest element.  Hence, every time they mention about how entire species are about to be extinguished, they also have to mention how 11 dudes who received hazard pay and perhaps were a little like There Will Be Blood characters (I am sure they were fine fellows but they must have been somewhat cowboy to work on a rig) are always mentioned as if we don’t have 11 more or 11×1.66667e+8 people left on the planet and only maybe 8000 – 150 (current death toll) of a certain kind of sea turtle (which, if you don’t give a fuck, at least think of the children who will never see a plush turtle or other plush animals cause their living models are all dead and pseudo environmentalists need not make said plush animal to save said real thing to give to said child).

Sea turtles, other animals, leviathan breeding grounds or not, our environment is more than tourists on beaches and the impact of this will be  fewer fish on the table, a drop in the price of shoreline properties, higher cost for oil as our reserve is leaking and the backlash slowing down out extraction of this lovely toxic soup,  and long-term health problems associated with both the consumption fitting out place in the food chain as well as fumes that may or may  not exist according to what news media you subscribe to.

Now. What does this mean for the average person?  Not sure.  For this writer, it means passing by the BP station, not buying plush animals of any kind, and crying a lot.  What else can I do….?  Uh.  Eating fish as much as I can for the next few weeks.  Uh…..  Write an angry letter and mail it to Santa?  Try to find information on the internet, see that there is nothing, that there are few cameras out there and all the major players (govercorporations or USBPA) are spreading propaganda and the few scientists sounding the alarm are told they need further research and realize that the media is SOVIET?  Get angry and drink?  Get angry, watch The Daily Show, and drink?

Perhaps the best thing to do is nothing.  Individuals cannot do anything about this.  This is the tipping point where each one of us individually must move slowly away, as one backs away from a wild animal.  Move as slow as possible.  Drag at work.  Drive slower.  Buy fewer things.  Come up with a plan.  Rather than research the lies, to hell with the truth.  We are no longer in charge of this world outside of what is directly in front of us.  So, with that, we can consider to make small advances in getting prepared.  Grow something, even if only on a fire escape.  Learn a hand-made skill.  Get healthy.  Sounds perhaps like advice one would get from a Ziggy greeting card?  This is a time of no options.  Nothing to buy.  No plush animal purchase will send 5% of profit to save….

Tune in.  Drop out.  Move on.

One thought on “Signs of the Times

  1. While watching the latest news about the BP Oil spill, a frightening thought came to mind: what if we can’t stop the oil? I mean, what happens if after all the measures to cap the pipe fail, (i.e., “Top Hat”, “Small Hat” and “Top Kill”). What then? An accident this problematic is new territory for BP. The oil pipeline is nearly a mile down on the ocean floor, accessible only by robots. Add on top of that the extreme pressure at which the oil is flowing out of the pipeline and there you have it: the perfect storm.

    Moreover, scientists also claim that they’ve found an enormous plume of oil floating just under the surface of the ocean measuring approximately 10 miles long, 3 miles wide and 300 feet thick. (I’m no math genius, but I bet one of you reading this could figure out just how many barrels of oil that is…)

    There are new estimates that the amount of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico is anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 barrels of oil a day: that’s a far cry from BP’s estimated 5,000 barrels a day. If BP’s estimates are correct, the total amount of oil now in the Gulf would be approximately 150,000 barrels (or 6,300,000 gallons). That’s barely enough to fill 286 swimming pools: sixteen feet, by thirty-two feet, by eight and a half feet deep. That wouldn’t cover an area the size of New York City, let alone an area the size of Delaware. Obviously, the spill is much larger than we are being led to believe. If the leak can’t be stopped, in a year’s time, we’ll have roughly 18,250,000 barrels of oil (or 766,500,000 gallons) in our oceans, killing our marine and animal wildlife. Such a calamity would be environmentally and economically disastrous. I’m not a religious man, but I pray that BP and our government work fast to end this catastrophe.

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