Blood and Snow

A film shot a few years ago.  We were at work and taking about doing a tribute to Japanese film makers involving horses, snow, and some vague violence.  So, there are plans and there is what really happened.  We were off work due to a snow storm, yet the storm also kept our team apart… and we did not have horses.  But there was snow.  And bitter cold wind.  The Valentines Day blizzard took place (this was years before Snomagedon).  One man.  One camera, a tripod, a sheep skin, and cold.  The film maker’s fingers stuck together, the cold was bitter.  However, a film took place and after, some sense was made of it.

Yes, a tribute to Akira Kurosawa (黒澤 明 or 黒沢 明) but more than that.  A tribute to what turned out to be a good day – despite that there is no reason to plan since plans never take place…..

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