Born On Short Notice .017

Born on Short Notice is a series that was inspired by an unpublished manuscript that I started writing many years back when I first lived in Brooklyn.  My various mental breakdowns, financial problems, learning difficulties, and constantly moving following whatever evaporating job I had at the moment prevented me from continuing this as a book.  However, I took up the camera to retell the story not to use the manuscript as a script or storyboard for the film, but using that work and retelling what I originally wanted to say this time using images of my contemporary life.  This series has taken a short break leaving off at either .021 or .022 since I cannot count and mislabeled at least one of them before exporting and then was prevented from re-exporting since either the computer crashed, some kid copied over my hard drive, or sundry other issues (however, that G_d is against my expressing my art is another post… believe you, I have proof…).

Born on Short Notice (BOSN) # .017 is a series that I hope reaches a full 1 in the next five years.  So I have 80 films to go.  Given that my next four were to be made from footage taken on a trip this last Summer to Canada but Wil took the footage to Indie to have a winged monkey import it and the connection thingy on the back of the hard drive broke… (see G_d comment above).  This film is shot at one of my many sojourners into Magic Meadow at the top of Mead Mountain Road.  Behind the meadow there was a wonderful pile of rocks that resembled a stone age cairn  I dubbed it the Iron Fort and for at least two years used this as a meeting grounds – that too, is another post.  This wonderful structure was my summer home.  I fixed it up, built it using extra rocks and materials I found in the woods.  I also understood that while I was not there others were free to use it and I enjoyed knowing that this home away from home was perhaps part of an unseen community of us woodfolk.  I have been told, sadly, that someone – most likely the STATE – tore this structure down, robbing us of a treasure that I have been told has been there since the 1960s and perhaps earlier.  I am glad for the Iron Fort, and perhaps it will rise again.  As to the Statists who tore it down.  When the change comes….. when the change comes….

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