Too much to Consider

From ID checkpoints at our nation’s rated R films while I listened over the weekend to a conversation by a bunch of 10 year olds about the Saw movies they watched and that “key that guy had to get out of his eye”  to a nation of safe streets not because we are a better society but because we have learned to make money off of prisoners to the slight of hand in the marketplace as that holds the dow around 10,000 points, the dollar trading on the euro 1.5 and a “jobless” recovery where 80,000 homes a month are foreclosed on.  This could not be called progress or  “recovery” even by “I have lust in my heart” Jimmy Carter’s era standards which were basically – “Are the streets on fire with rampaging long-haired hippies and negroes?  No?  It’s a good day.”

Our masters are fooling us with fake food, fake “sports,” and a fake political process that is used to keep us all talking and not doing anything about the change we cannot believe – the change from a first world to a third world nation that appears to be taking place.

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