Ongoing Series: The Lie of Life Long Learning

And then there were tits

the future society is build upon learning and rational thought, not tits and ass

What if we were disposable and replaceable?  What if we were not individual snowflakes but a mass of interchangeable meat bought and sold by anyone with power?  What if your siblings were just there for spare parts when you broke down?  What if you are there as a “parts child” like an old El Camino outside of the garage is there only to augment the nicer one kept in the garage?

With many states reporting the highest (reported not actual) unemployment in decades (such as California’s 12% rate), there has been much talk about job skills and workers needing to be retrained in an ever ever ever ever competitive marketplace as well as people remembering the bad old days where they used to work for one company for if not a lifetime, at least five years or more.

Today, that is not the case.  We work as consultants, as temps, and at jobs that are phased out, downsized or replaced by technology giving us a resume that lists so many companies since college in the past that would have labeled us “shiftless drifter” not up and coming professional.  What of this conversation that is the funniest, is that we’re taught by the power to think of all this as a good thing – not financially, but since we get to learn and be creative, and think and compete and vote others off the island and masturbate in the mirror just thinking about competition and how it is good for the consumer.  Perhaps not that last thing, I just thought I’d throw in a shocker so as to de-borgious the argument.  We are told that our selves, that is our TRUE SELVES, are assisted not by stability, but by learning… lifelonglearning (LLL).  One webster business typeA claims “there is much to be gained from more self-reliance because of its positive impact on achieving our individual potential (1) .”  So, a shifting and unstable economy, worry and competition even among friends to turn every fart into some positive if not meager cash flow is a good thing (see the Human Potential Movement).  Great!  Fantastic, we are not workers, prols, we are an army, neigh and ocean of LLL masters of capital who have only ourselves to blame if we’re not all ROI at every moment.  No wonder energy drinks and cocaine are so popular (this nation the highest consumers of both) since we cannot sleep lest we do not LLL all the time.

Buy my service or product

Billy learned Some Kinda Gur-ill-a Marketing shit and had a three second head start before being swamped by other LLLers

Think of the way learning has become the panacea for our stupid economy of nothing.  Think of the ways we educate our kinder with forms, agreements signed before they can even read, contracts made by the class where you are guided to agree with the teacher so that the rules you break you are told are those you choose.  The constant and changing skills that we and our children are taught we need for some kinda’ inner erection orgasm of the blood where your entire being ejaculates from “achieving [of] our individual potential.”  Or are we being lied to?  What about learning one trade and learning it well?  What about being able to be in a job where you can focus on building yourself into a community and being stable, and doing that job and that job does actual things not meta-work?  Perhaps any anti-LLL it must be Communist talk.  As one social werker said to me, “you must expect [this sector] to act like a businesses – it’s natural competition.”  Ok, and perhaps teh weak must perish – hence, no more material for  It is the natural order.  So, why the fuck [is this sector] trying to assist the weak?  Ok, cause we’re a business and poor and weak people are that product we sell….  Perhaps this is something just learned.

So, look at the press.  LLL is good for the brain, good for relationships, good for our children, it was be a floor wax and a foodstuff.  Is this the new pollution?  Schwerpunkers your mission:

Der Future Werker is Learning for The Entire Life
  1. Is Life Long Learning (LLL) what we need?
  2. Is LLL a hyper capitalist tool?
  3. Are we tools?
  4. Do we want stability or are we really happy being shiftless digital drifters
What are you learning today?

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