欢迎中国车主 (Welcome Chinese Overlords)


It is hard these days to have a clever insight into current events, or to trend out certain plot lines in order to make such-and-such a statement about the world as it is or describe the world that is to come so that one may stake a claim to have been there, to have seen it, just moments or hours before everyone else.  There are many a writer/blogger/pseudo-writer/pseudo-blogger who has attempted the image of HUNTER S THOMPSON, and managed only to drain so many bottles of booze or otherwise get into sub-par drugs as part of a “inner discovery of my writer self that I totally will become….”  rather than actually find something worthy to discuss or have actual brain-time enough to think things through rather than just typing them down onto paper/electronic media in time to make press.  Events and happenings are mined with greater speed, and there are a dwindling resource of these that can maintain a diet of active bullshititude for so many bull shitters.

There are often more reporters at happenings than participants. Tweets are make just moments into an event, sometimes they are the shaping factor in events.  Many events no longer seem something that gets “covered” or documented” but are the best opportunity outside of  Mychal and Wang’s wedding to take your shit out of your Best Buy bags and make some use of it.  Maybe you will get the photo or capture the next Big Thing where this thing happened and you were totally there.  Maybe the people involved meant to be the center of a thousand clicking iThingies (ok, they don’t click).  It is one thing to design an event to get the attention of journalists and the media, it is another where participants with cameras or who have dreams of making some stupendously boring documentary titled “My Journey to [name of event here]” or some more clever M.S./Ph.D. minded bon motey that you hope launches your page on Kickstarter(tm) or gets honorable mention on NPR.

It is strange that in this age of info/tain/r/mation/ment we seems to be lacking in more actual insight, knowledge, and thinking power.   Things happen faster and faster, or perhaps our ability get them out in all forms (print/online/images) has allowed the trivial and the profound the same workflow in and out the door of the media — both main stream and alternative. We talk in shorter sound bites, smaller clips, and the same image from the same photographer but sold to every one of the thousand news outlets to the degree that everyone can consume the same crap-o-la at the same time.

This means that as we follow everything, we lose sight of a lot of things.  Either that, or it means nothing at all.  In this strange age of infomaximalism, things are a little… out of whack.  We run into stories that mean nothing, and don’t follow the things that may actually change our lives.  There are few guides to lead us.  Most of those people are dead – the elder heads of journalism and public intellectuals.  What we are left with, are careerists.  Of egoists.  Of people trying to brand their image, their lives, their opinions and box it up like so many Brillo Boxes of soap.  So many social networks saying that if we can only get a million people to each give us a dollar….

The news from lower Manhattan is grim.  The news media now outnumber the protesters.  This blogger was going to camp out there this week and go to work and write about the experience. However, a room mate is leaving and last night was interviews for replacements as was this evening.  In the morning, the phone lit up with people wondering if I had been arrested or otherwise was expected at work.  I was half awake, but knew to check out the protest and sure enough, the camp had been removed and many people arrested.  (I thought, funny I was unable to attend the protest because I was too busy keeping up with my financial obligations.)  The MSM sells an end to a bunch of hippie kids and dirty homeless malcontents, the machine moves on.  The protests amount to nothing.  The detractors from our capitalist socialism are labeled commies.  Our nation continues our path down the toilet.  Each day each one of us tries to brand out lifestyle, and buys all the thing needed to sustain that myth, and each one of these things is made in a factory in the last remaining Communist country of any importance.  Cheese burger in hand, Hail Victory!  Hail People’s Republic of China.  欢迎中国车主!!!!


这是很难这些天有一个聪明的洞察时事,或者为了使这样的 – 和 – 这样的说法对世界,因为它是或描述世界就在眼前,使得它可以趋出一定的情节线索股权是一个自称在那里,也看到了它,其他人之前只是瞬间或小时。有许多作家/博客/伪作家/伪博客谁曾试图猎人小号 Hunter S. Thompson 的形象,只有设法排水豪饮这么多瓶或以其他方式进入低于标准杆的药物为“内发现的一部分我的作家自己,我完全会变成……“,而不是实际找到的东西值得讨论或者是实际的大脑足够的时间来考虑事情,而不是仅仅在打字的时间下来到纸张/电子媒体制作新闻。事件和事件被开采以更快的速度,和有能够保持活性bullshititude的饮食这么公牛shitters这些的日益减少的资源。

经常有更多的记者,在发生的事情不是参与者。鸣叫是让只是瞬间变成一个事件,有时他们在事件中塑造的因素。许多事件似乎不再东西,被“覆盖”或记录“,但Mychal和王的婚礼之外的最好机会,把你的狗屎了你的百思买袋,并提出一些使用它。也许你会得到的照片或捕捉下一个大事件,其中这个事情发生了,你是完全没有,也许参与的人意味着有一千点击iThingies(好吧,他们不点击)的中心,是一件事要设计一个事件,以获得关注记者和媒体,这是另一种,参与者用相机或谁拥有做一些名为“我的旅程,[名字的事件在这里]”或一些更聪明MS /博士非常多产枯燥的纪录片梦想。志同道合苯教motey你希望推出Kickstarter上(TM)您的网页或沾到NPR荣誉奖。

奇怪的是,在这个年龄信息/覃/ R /息/换货,我们似乎缺乏更多的有识之士实际,知识和思维力。事情发生快,或者是我们的能力把他们救出来的一切形式(打印/网络/图片)已经允许琐碎和进出媒体的门的深刻相同的工作流 – 包括主流和另类。我们谈论在更短的声音叮咬,较小的剪辑,并从相同的拍摄相同的图像,但卖到千元新闻媒体的程度,每个人都可以在同一时间消耗同样的废话-O-LA中的每一个。

这意味着,我们遵循的一切,我们忽略了很多东西。要么,就意味着什么都没有。在这个陌生的infomaximalism年龄,事情就有一点……走出低谷。我们碰上没什么意思,不遵循实际上可能会改变我们的生活的事情的故事。很少有导游带领我们。这些人大多都死了 – 新闻和公共知识分子的老人头。我们还剩下什么,都是野心家。的利己主义者。人们试图通过品牌自己的形象,他们的生活,他们的意见和盒子它像肥皂这么多的布里洛盒子。因此,许多社交网络说,如果我们只能拿到一万人每个给我们一块钱….

从曼哈顿下城的消息是严峻。新闻媒体人数已超过抗议者。该博主是要露宿有这个星期去上班,写一下经验。然而,室友离开昨晚是替代访谈是今天晚上。当天上午,手机照亮了人,如果我已被逮捕或以其他方式在工作,预计疑惑。我半梦半醒,但我知道退房抗议果然,营地已被拆除,许多人被捕。 (我想,有趣,我不能参加抗议,因为我太忙跟上我的财政义务。)的MSM销售结束一帮嬉皮士的孩子,脏无家可归不满者,机器上移动。抗议活动达到什么。从我们的资本主义的社会主义的批评者标记为党员。我们的国家延续了我们倒马桶路径。每一天,我们每个人都试图品牌输出的生活方式,并购买以维持这一神话所需要的所有东西,这些东西每一个都是在工厂内的任何重要仅存的共产主义国家进行。在手芝士汉堡包,冰雹胜利!冰雹人民共和国的中国。欢迎中国车主!!!!


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